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Mzulft Restored [WIP]
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Feb 23, 2013 @ 3:56pm
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Mzulft Restored [WIP]

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WARNING: Do NOT activate (or maybe even subscribe to) this mod if you haven't completed the following quests:
Arniel's Endeavor: Uncover an ancient Dwemer secret
Lost to the Ages (Dawnguard): Search for the Dwemer Aetherium Forge
Revealing the Unseen: Learn the location of the Staff of Magnus

If you do, you will break the questlines. In particular the last one, that is part of the College of Winterhold questline.

It has taken years of labour, but finally the Dwemer ruins of Mzulft have been restored to its former glory. Many labourers have been killed during restoration, because of the many traps inside, as well as by some automatons that were still active in unopened rooms. But, finally all sections of Mzulft were cleaned, cleared and restored, and spawning caps of automatons have been deactivated. However, without the parts where there were some small moonstone mining activities. Because the Dwemer left no architectural designs it will probably take some time to restore these parts of the ruins. At various points you will find doors that can't be opened at all, not with a key, not even using the console. Otherwise you would find yourself on the way to "oblivion".
Be patient. The Dragonborn already has more than enough assets to get the job done, but it has to be done well.

Mzulft ruins has 4 zones:
Mzulft (the zone where you enter the ruins)
Mzulft Boilery
Mzulft Aedrome
Mzulft Storeroom

What's been cleared: armor, weapons, barrels, crates, satchels, knapsacks, sacks, baskets, buckets, bowls, bedrols, skulls, bones, corpses, ferns, traps, shovels, pickaxes, bloodstains, cogs, gear, gyros, scrap metal, metal plates, pots, urns, banners, rugs, rubble, wood, mound, scaffolds, lanterns, ingots, mist, broken pipes. Raised floorparts have been flattened. Some mine floors have been removed to reveal hidden areas. Sometimes a small bridge had to be used to continue exploration.

If you like the location and the interior, feel free to use it to create your inn, brewery, museum, bandit hideout, or anything else to your liking. If you do so, credits are highly appreciated! However, do not use the dungeon parts, as I plan to restore these parts. If you like it as it is, just rename the mod and do your own modding, but I still would like to be credited for my work.
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prettygrayt (Eurland) Jan 29, 2014 @ 5:54pm 
the idea below would be nice
Jauffre's Juicy Jam™ May 6, 2013 @ 1:05am 
*an NPC
Jauffre's Juicy Jam™ May 6, 2013 @ 1:05am 
Can you eventually makw this so it is like a city with NPCs and a sealed off area to some of the newly uncovered ruins and have the Aetherium forge being used by and NPC.