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Crimson Dragon Armor
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Feb 20, 2012 @ 1:21am
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When I first saw the dragon armours I have to admit, it didn't look as threatening as I had anticipated. All that hard work smithing! For what! So I could look like a dry bone thats been left in the sun for too long? THIS WILL NOT SUFFICE!

This Re-texture changes the pale bone colour to a more hardcore dark grey and changes the same old "leather colour" to more of a deep maroon.

Female version included, but not tested.

WOW GUYS! i didnt expect this re-texture to be so popular!!! thanks to all who have subbed, liked and favourited! ill be sure to crank out some more re-textures for you!

Made by [LZK]Lazersights
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[TSOC] baconboi2557 Aug 10 @ 10:19am 
If you could do the Dark armour from dark souls that would be awesome, nice mod!
Jack Churchill's Left Boot Jul 31 @ 11:11pm 
Generally i love Crimson. so this resonates with me.
Dex Jul 31 @ 6:20pm 
Anyone else think of the Crimson Dragoon from Fallout 3? lol great mod.
matarjack Jul 22 @ 7:56pm 
Female light weight version works fine, I just tested the mod with my lvl 64 Nord Female. And man, that is a beautiful retexture work. You could launch more mods in this type, like a darker bones armor, or even other colors. Thx man, really enhances the gameplay!
Forsinain42 Jul 5 @ 6:24am 
with this mod and the mod that makes the dragon armor better then daedric armor i will finally use dragon armor
suddeth.wright Jul 3 @ 1:37am 
try to make a set with black bones and a deeper red
QcSnappeR Jun 29 @ 7:46am 
CourtesyFlush47 Jun 24 @ 7:11pm 
Its a retexture, so all you have to do is craft it...
Lord_Timothy Jun 13 @ 7:22pm 
Mine does not work. Is it compatible with the DLC?
Timesplitter Jun 3 @ 10:34am 
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