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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Nightingale Brotherhood - Chapter 1
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Nightingale Brotherhood - Chapter 1

STEAM SUCKS! I Quit Steam! No Longer Uploading To The STEAM WORKSHOP! (Looking for better outlets)

Credits/ Hall of Fame
I want to thank Zero Frost for giving me permission himself to use his armor mod The Evil master mind armor! Its clear ZeroFrost is one of the best modders!
I want to thank InsanitySorrowfor all his amazing mods and modder's resources! by far one of the greatest Modder’s!
I want to thank mandarinn for giving me permission himself to use the Uruk-Hai Armor in this mod! Thank you so much! And great job on the models! :)
hifoo! For the Ronin Outfit! Splendid job!
Sushiyant for the Ariyan Weapon Pack!
and also for the meshes and textures! VengenceMkII, Adonnay, Hel Borne, mbj_mje!
Runspect and Adele for the Resources for modders! :)
stoverjm and blary for the open books resource and library!
GendunDrup for the Nexus Creature Resource!
CD Projekt Red, (The Witcher, The Witcher 2) Models used in this mod! (Drowner undead) & (Rotfiend)
Newermind43 - (Ancient Spriggan)
frankthefish (Tiger)
exray catt, KANRAx2, muppetpuppet, Grohiik, Ph0rce, cansu, Dogtown1, MrCasual, Leodoidao, Penguinchao, AnTiWoMaAgNoT.
Oaristys for the modder's resource pack! Great job!
sa547 for the wanted poster!
Darkfox127 for his great mods and great tutorials!
Bethesda for creating the Elders Scrolls Series, and the Creation kit. By far one of the best open ended RPG games ever created!

On a Personal Note!
I believe I gave credit to everyone! If I'm missing anyone please let me know and I'll update the list promptly! I want to thank all the people who gave me permission to use their work.
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chris Feb 10 @ 6:43am 
I Played this Years Ago and it was Very Good,so would Certainly Recommend it to Others..There was ONLY 1 Error in that the Leader kept Referring to MY Character as a Male,whereas I have Never Used Male Characters for a Playthrough..The Graphics/Gameplay were Excellent and I Probably DID use a GPU such as the GTX 970 (OR it Could have been a GTX 980 in a Previous Gaming PC),which is Recommended by the "Mod Author"..I am NOW Using an RX 480 8Gb as an External GPU with an Internal R9 370 4GB,but NOT at the Same Time,of Course..I Think that I WILL Download this MOD and PLAY it Again....
DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 6 @ 5:43am 
Oh & another thing, your'e going to need a high end computer for this mod, GTX 970 & up or you will most likely face CTD's I made this a long time ago and some places are crawling with so many enemies.
kpetri45 Feb 6 @ 5:41am 
DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 6 @ 12:09am 
Yah. It's fine. I made this mod years ago. When I first started modding. I just wanted to transfer my old mods from the nexus.
scarlettcarson11 Feb 5 @ 2:25pm 
while i normally enjoy your mods frankly i cant say the same about this mod. if feels flawed and not very well made and there are things that just dont sit well with me about it. frankly something that was a shock and has made me commnt is the whole swastika on the robes and the airyan bow as they are clearly nazi references and i know they are the enimes of the brotherhood faction but it just feels laz. add this to the fact that the mod feels cumbersome and dosnt flow/ isnt lore friendly with skyrim i cant say i will keep the mod or recomend it. sadly its a 4 out of 10 or as my high school teachers would say "could do better"
death12092 Feb 4 @ 9:13am 
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Reisflocke Feb 3 @ 3:39pm 

when you show me the text I can translate it
DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 3 @ 9:33am 
Ummm I think it's better if you make a translation for Chapter 2 since I made this mod when I first started modding years ago. I'd feel better, I think I can do much better now. So I'd suggest waiting for Chapter 2. Unless you really want to do it.
Reisflocke Feb 3 @ 9:29am 
Do you want a translation into german
(that's my mother language)
DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 2 @ 5:41am 
You can translate if you want. It's hard work though.