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Hze`s Invoker Extort - Quas into Extort - Wex
By Zagarok
This invoker build is what i mainly use in pub games, the reason i like it so much is because it allows great killing potential through all stages of the game. Firstly the extort quas because cold snap and forge spirts is just to damb good, mix in an icewall and you got a dead hero. I added a level of wex early for ghost walk, you can add this when you like, i just put it in as a variable but i recommend getting it at around levels 5-8 if you`re against decent players.

You may not be able to do as easy sunstrikes as maxing extort first but you can still hit them with around 3/4 levels in extort if you're team gets the opponent low but gets away.

after getting 4 levels into Extort and Quas you want to max out Extort then Wex, this is so you can get good Meteor combos started then when Wex is leveled and you get Aghanims you can start throwing out Tornado > EMP > Cold Snap > Meteor > DB > Ice wall all in one combo, While having forge spirits from the start (make sure you get them to attack the one you cold snap for a good disable while you help focus someone else down)


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