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Natural Soccer
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Mar 3, 2013 @ 10:02am

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Natural Soccer for Windows Available!
Natural Soccer for Android released!
Release date: SUMMER 2013
Natural Soccer is a highly playable arcade soccer game with fast-paced action, accurate physics and intuitive controls.

If you are a fan of classics like Kick Off, Sensible Soccer, Mircroprose Soccer, Goal! or Tekhan World Cup, Natural Soccer is for you!

I, for my part, did love those games back in the days and always dreamt about bringing back the same feeling and fun to modern platforms. That's why I created Natural Soccer!

Key Features
  • Fast paced action
  • Accurate and fun ball physics
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Very fine-tuned gameplay for maximum playability
  • Smooth graphics with our proven and loved top-down view
  • Strong but never unfair AI for both computer opponents and goalies
  • Action Replays
  • Aftertouch
  • Nice sound effects for a great stadium atmosphere
  • Pure fun gameplay that just feels natural

Enjoy Natural Soccer!
Thorsten Schleinzer
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schleinzer  [author] Apr 1 @ 10:50am 
@bun Yes, this one's on the list, too :-) THANKS!
bun Apr 1 @ 9:03am 
i have another idea. To be able to save a replay of a goal.
I want to collect my best goals and play back.
schleinzer  [author] Apr 1 @ 7:40am 
@Toshiro Mifune: Thanks A LOT for supporting my work! Highly appreciated!
schleinzer  [author] Apr 1 @ 7:39am 
@USSR Thanks a lot for your feedback! Really appreciate it! There is a quite huge update coming to the OUYA soon, to add those features already present in the current desktop version, such as league play, 200 new teams and players and many, many more.

Both versions are under constant development and I also plan to update the desktop version soon. But first I want to setup a community so that players can decide what to implement next.

As for multiplayer: for the time being, both OUYA and desktop versions will be local-multiplayer only, with up to 4 players. Adding (robust) net play to such a high paced, 60fps game is all but trivial, so this will still take some time.
schleinzer  [author] Apr 1 @ 7:35am 
@bun Sorry for the late reply!

Multiplayer currently is only possible locally (no LAN yet) and only if more than one controller is connected. But I am working on adding keyboard controls (but lacking the 360 degrees of freedom, it won't be the same....).

Tactics and formations are on my TODO list as well, so is a sprint feature.

Actually there are A LOT of ideas and suggestions I'd love to add but a day only has 24 hours :-) So I am actually currently setting up a community so that players can vote for the next features!

Thanks for your feedback! - and DEFINITELY YES - Natural Soccer is under constant development and I am planning to add a lot of things in the future!
Toshiro Mifune Mar 31 @ 11:16am 
Just purchased via your website/humblebundle. Couldn't wait for Steam!
Blaze 2012-2014 Mar 30 @ 9:04pm 
Got it today for OUYA and I am loving it so much!! Do you plan on adding multiplayer to the OUYA and when do you plan on pushing out the next update for the game on PC and or OUYA?
bun Mar 30 @ 11:01am 
After almost a week of playing, Its a very fun game especially playing with friends. we all hope that this game has sprinting, so we could dribble into the penalty box, or run to intercept as defenders. Pls also implement offside rule. Offside trap ai. switch formation. IS the game completed? I can only found yr tweeter post and the game hasnt been updating. Really want this game to be even better. Alot of potential. Pls update it more. thx
bun Mar 23 @ 9:50am 
bought yr game. where is the multiplayer options??? Is lan play possible?
Fun game but can be improve. lack tactics and formation. lack button for smashing to run faster. no keyboard controls, i have only one gamepad, cant local coop. Are u still improving the game?
schleinzer  [author] Mar 16 @ 11:10am 
Natural Soccer for Windows is now available at !

But that does not mean I will stop trying and hoping to get it greenlit! Getting Natural Soccer on steam is a huge opportunity to get it known to a lot of players.

So please, if you know/tried or even bought Natural Soccer and like it - VOTE FOR IT HERE!

Thank you!