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Suicide Blitz 2: Part 3 of 3
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Feb 20, 2013 @ 3:14am
Feb 13 @ 11:37pm
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Part 3 of 3
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*This version will work with any other Version 4 of Suicide Blitz 2 available on the web. This version does however contain a couple of small GUI texture fixes. If you already have Suicide Blitz 2 v4, I recommend you delete that VPK and download this collection.

Four survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie apocalypse!

4 Game Modes:
  • Co-op
  • Versus
  • Survival
  • Scavenge
Recommendations and troubleshooting tips:
  • First play with Game Instructor on.
  • If you experience crashes on map change/load, turn Paged Pool Memory to a lower setting.
  • You can also try lowering your texture quality.

Suicide Blitz Official Page[www.suicideblitz.info]

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Reissy Boi97 Jul 18 @ 12:55pm 
My game crashed when I reached the bowling alley, other than that the campaign itself isn't that great, it's nice to play something different but this one felt really dull and boring, not much happened in my opinion.
funnyboy039 Jul 14 @ 11:58am 
YES there is a portal glitch in a level you will find a gnome pick him up and keep carring him until the last level were you should see a train carrage thing and a room nere it go into the room and you should see a camra put the gnome in front of the camera and wait
ShiningDragonArmor Jul 5 @ 9:45am 
Mine consistently crashes when I make contact with any type of Spitter goo, or just the Spitter in General. Any ideas on how to fix this? I already tried disabling all my addons, except for Suicide Blitz, but still crashes.
GeneralsAlert Sly Cooper Jul 3 @ 1:58pm 
for some reason it keeps crashing my game
jtoro101 Jun 27 @ 1:57pm 
To do the Portal easter egg take the gnome from part 1 and when you get to part 3 there is a room you can put it in and it opens a door that leads to Aperture Science
Dangerous Person  [author] Jun 27 @ 1:14pm 
@pimpninja Other campaigns cause this glitch actually by replacing the default pipe with their own which is busted :/ If you disable other campaign and play mine, it will not happen.
xZombiefied27x Jun 27 @ 12:55pm 
is this the one with the portal 2 egg?
Games.r.2.easy Jun 27 @ 8:55am 
Is that the truth?
Games.r.2.easy Jun 27 @ 8:55am 
Everyone says theres a portal easter egg in here