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Wear Dragonborn Robes Over Armor
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Feb 19, 2013 @ 7:57pm
Feb 23, 2013 @ 4:52pm
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Wear Dragonborn Robes Over Armor

As a man who prefers the *far* superior Morrowind, I was often disappointed that in later games one couldn't wear robes over armor. Perhaps they would rip, but I think my character is smart enough to drape a piece of cloth over his platemail.
Or maybe he isn't, the Dragonborn seems to have brain problems...
At any rate, this mod will allow you to wear your robes, over your armor. You might consider it unbalanced, but I'm not listening to you.
This mod only applies to Dragonborn robes. Vanilla version can be found here:

Understand any non-vanilla robes can't be worn over armor.
Mods that modify robes themselves will also conflict, though texture robe mods will not.
Finally, yes the robes will clip with armor, more or less depending on the robe, the armor, and your skeletal frame. However, it's not that outright horrible to look at, so really, just suck it up and live with it, or don't download it, you baby.
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spiket31 Apr 17 @ 5:47pm 
some of the armors but i mean like deadric or dragon with all the spikes. but now i see the bottom, apparently i didnt read all of what you wrote before.
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 17 @ 5:43pm 
Either way it's a piece of giant cloth, very easy to just drape that over some armor.
spiket31 Apr 17 @ 5:34pm 
well it is a realm of magic so yeah that was a dumb argument, i was grumpy and dont know why i felt i needed to leave that. love your alduin mod though
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 17 @ 4:44pm 
Ah yes, the "it's more realistic so it's better" argument.
Didn't realize middle school was out.
spiket31 Apr 17 @ 3:55pm 
far superior huh? tell me more about how this makes sense and robes will fit snugly over plate armor.......
zjn2002 Apr 12 @ 11:43am 
I've been looking for a mod that does this for years.
number1Slayer Apr 9 @ 7:33pm 
mycastlecellar Mar 27 @ 11:31am 
You screen-shot looks like an Ironman that went so terribly wrong. But will try it anyway.

OGGangsta70 Oct 16, 2014 @ 4:28pm 
Looks awesome and I am subscribing...Just a heads up as I am sure you already know about this but seeing as how a certain "flame" idiot has no valid arguement as to why Skyrim even shares the same e-space as Morrowwind... http://tesrenewal.com/ ... that would be morrowind using the only good thing about skyrim (it's engine) as far as the comparing the two. Morrowind was ground breaking and an absolute joy to play and I for one can not wait for Skywind to finally be released...;)
ma.albert Oct 14, 2014 @ 11:26am 
Hi everybody and thanks for this mod Mr Trainwiz, it is very nice.
However i would like to edit some non-vanilla clothes for using them with armors, but i'm quite a noob on CK, can you explain how did you succed this ?