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Alek's Armor Skills Overhaul - AASO
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Feb 19, 2012 @ 3:37pm
Mar 20, 2012 @ 10:43am
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Alek's Armor Skills Overhaul - AASO

AASO features overhaul of block, heavy and light armor skills and perks. Every skill perk tree gets better skill scaling, improved existing perks where needed and add couple of cool new and unique ones. By default armor rating skill multiplier is 1.4 when at 100 skill and with 5 ranks in first tier perks you get total of x2.8 armor rating at 100 skill. I changed skill scaling multiplier to 2.5 which is less than 2.8 but addition of new perks and changes to old ones should very much make up for it. Default perk layout remains so it doesn't break vanilla perk dependency therefore existing characters can install and use this mod without the need to start the new game.

* In short this mod does the following:

- First tier of perks no longer do what skill is supposed to do therefore armor rating scale better with the skill.
- Most but not all armor perks now only require three pieces of armor to work (e.g. can work without wearing a helmet).
- Added option to use torches more effectively.
- Armor specializations include new perks which give unique protection against elemental damage.
- Each of three skills gets one new perk.
- Some original perks have been reworked or improved with scripts.
- New unique perks: Deadly Recoil, Adventurer, Reactive Plating/Padding.
- Fixed game bug where Matching Set Heavy perk did not include Ebony Armor.

* Compatibility:

- Not compatible at all with mods that change block and armor perks or alter armor rating skill scaling.

* Install & Uninstall Notes:

- You may use this mod with existing characters without any problems but backup your saves first.
- Do not save the game with Reactive Plating/Padding bonuses active or resistances will stay boosted after you uninstall. To deactivate it just wait 10 seconds after last time being hit by a spell before saving or simply unequip some armor to let the perk conditions do the job.
- Uninstalling after picking new perks (Adventurer, Reactive Plating and Reactive Padding) will not refund the perk points.
- After you've uninstalled the mod you will have to manually readd two perks if you learned them in order to reset the changes they've made to original ability spell values. These perks are Wind Walker (code:105F22) and ReflectBlows (code:105F33). First remove perks by using console: "player.removeperk code" then reenter console and add them back: "player.addperk code".

* Revision 3 Changes:
- Reverted to original Deflect Arrows perk because Skyrim 1.5 patch fixed it in game code.
- Fixed bug with Reactive Plating/Padding not increasing shock resistance.
* Revision 2 Changes:
- Fists of Steel adds disarm immunity.
- Reflect Blows and Deft Movement perks should now be worth taking.

* Details:

== Block Perks ==
- Block skill originally did not affect the amount of damage blocked. Now it is scaled and increase blocking damage up to 50% at 100 skill replacing the old Shield Wall perks.
- Shield Wall replaced with Deadly Recoil which is a new scripted ability (Blocking enemy attacks with a shield or a weapon have 20/40/60/80/100% chance of causing physical damage to the attacker). Damage scale with the block skill level naturally and is doubled if blocking a power attack. Blocking with a weapon deals slightly more damage. Maximum possible damage at 100 block skill is 60 if blocking a power attack with a shield or 80 if blocking with a weapon.
- Adventurer is the new perk that requires 20 skill and Deadly Recoil (Blocking with a torch is more effective and bashing cause the enemy to burn more intensively. Deadly Recoil can set enemy on fire when blocking with a torch). Basically it increase effectivenes when blocking with torch by 50% bringing it up from 50% to 75% of shield effectiveness. Bash fire damage without this perk is 3/2s and now it ranges from 2/4s to 20/4s so at 100 block skill it will deal max 80 fire damage over 4 seconds and cannot be stacked but bash fire damage is added to normal physical bash damage. Also with this perk blocking with a torch gains benefit from Deadly Recoil perks but deals fire damage instead of physical.
- Deadly Bash now increase bash damage up to ten times, scaling with the block skill. When you first time pick up this perk at 50 skill bash will deal 5 times more damage like the old perk did but increasing the skill further will also increase the damage smoothly until it reach its maximum at 100 skill.

== Heavy Armor Perks ==
- Juggernaut perks effect changed (Incoming damage from enemy power attacks is reduced by 5/10/15/20/25% if wearing at least three pieces of Heavy Armor).
- Fists of Steel renamed to Mighty Clench and have additional effect (While wearing Heavy Armor gauntlets you are immune to disarm and unarmed attacks do gauntlets' base armor rating in extra damage).
- Reactive Plating perk requires 40 skill and Juggernaut perk. Gives new scripted ability (Reduces incoming elemental damage by 10% if wearing at least three pieces of Heavy Armor. Suffering from elemental damage increase corresponding resistance by 10% for 10 seconds, stacking up to five times). Each element is processed separately and has its own timer. When you are hit by elemental damage corresponding resistance is increased by 10% and timer is reset back to 10 seconds. There is a short delay of 2 seconds before another hit can be registered in order to make it work well when being affected by channeled spells.
- Well Fitted perk changed slightly (Each piece of Heavy Armor worn gives 5% bonus to armor rating. Bonus applies only to Heavy Armor). Bonus is additive so when wearing full Heavy Armor you gain 20% bonus to armor rating.
- Matching Set (25% bonus to armor rating if wearing a matched set of Heavy Armor) now supports Ebony Armor and still require all four pieces to work.
- Reflect Blows replaced with Unstoppable (While wearing all Heavy Armor and at least one enemy is in melee range you reflect 20% melee damage back to the attacker and regenerate 1% of your maximum health per second. Both effects are multiplied by the number of enemies).

== Light Armor Perks ==
- Agile Defender works the same as Juggernaut.
- Custom Fit works the same as Well Fitted.
- Reactive Padding works the same as Reactive Plating.
- Deft Movement improved (While wearing all Light Armor you move 20% faster and have 10% chance of avoiding all physical or elemental damage).
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J R Sparks May 18, 2014 @ 3:32am 
I know this is not mage or theif related but are you going to rebalance the Mage and Theif trees so to overhaul all the classes? From the looks I haven't installed anythign right now but looking forward to what you will come up with...does anything requre NMM or SKSE though?
brave winds Sep 1, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
asain song
Lancars Jul 25, 2013 @ 8:35am 
Does this mod allow me to run around and shield bash everyone while giving them the fist of justice?
taco Nov 25, 2012 @ 1:44am 
remove the helm requirement for matching set thts wht kills this for me!!!
AMGamer94 Mar 5, 2012 @ 2:16pm 
please make the skills to train faster!!
i use heavy armor, almost completed the game fully, heavy armor level is almost 40...
LieutenantPrick Feb 27, 2012 @ 5:02pm 
Downloaded fine now mitch :>
Alek  [author] Feb 27, 2012 @ 1:40pm 
So have anyone been able to download or should I re-upload?
Alek  [author] Feb 27, 2012 @ 6:56am 
Problem with downloads might be something to do with Steam not with mod size, this is a small size mod btw. I had problem uploading yesterday and today it went fine so check back later. If problem remain I can try to re-upload.
@Lieutenant Prick: You can't refund perk points without script extenders. Best practise would be to type in console without brackets: (help adventurer) then look for PERK record with (code) and then type: (player.removeperk code). Now you removed perk and you will have to manually add it somewhere else. So use (help "perk name") to find ID of perk you want to add and use: (player.addperk code) to add that perk. When there are multi ranked perks it is not always sorted by rank might be bit tricky to find correct rank so its best to invest in single perks this way.
TheLongShanks Feb 27, 2012 @ 6:08am 
It could be that this mod is now too large for steam workshop, at least in it's current state. That has been the problem with this error message with other mods that I have used. Perhaps the author could release the three affected perk trees as three seperate mods. Although some people may not like this, you can still use mods without staying subscribed, you just have to click on data from the launch screen and set them to load. From there you can cycle through your mods and subscribe and un-subscribe as updates become available.
LieutenantPrick Feb 27, 2012 @ 5:00am 
Same as PhyrigianDominant, getting a failed to download error (16) since I booted up this morning. Also, does anyone know anyway to reset a perk point I spent? I spent a point in block before I added this mod so now I have a point in "Adventurer" and since well, I never use Torches it's a point wasted. Any idea on how to remove it? As anytime I try to console "Adventurer" it just comes up with NPC's >: