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Disguise your Crimes
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Feb 18, 2013 @ 1:46am
Feb 18, 2013 @ 9:51pm
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*** Similar to Gray Foxes Cowl - The enchantment can be learned from this hood and put on any headgear of your choice
Put on the Disguise and do your dirty work. Stealing, pillaging, causing havoc... just flee the scene and remove your disuise. Anyone from any faction will not associate you with the crimes committed while you were disguised.

Good for a thief, and Great for assassins!

You can take this hood to an enchanting table, and learn the enchantment for yourself. Use it on your favorite trouble-making outfit.

The hood should automatically appear in your inventory the next time you play.

Enjoy a thieves booty.... without the bounty!

If you don't get the hood automatically, you can get one from the commandline.
help "disguise hood"

You'll see:
ARMO: (XXXXXXXX) 'Disguise Hood'

use the hex code given where the 'XXXXXXXX' is in the following command:
player.additem XXXXXXXX

Then you should have a hood in your inventory.
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Siren / Ellen Kurokawa Dec 20 @ 6:36pm 
this just make me feel like dead stroke
OBLOOD Dec 16 @ 10:24am 
best freakin mod ever i hate when you somehow committed a crime and you don't know what you did so you find a hiding spot and just take off the mask and the crime dissapears.
link1337 Dec 10 @ 6:18pm 
*Facepalm* you need to have the search fully off for it to work. Not just hiding from them, actually have the search off @Souldgriffon
Soulgriffon Dec 8 @ 8:45am 
Doesnt work for me, I attack sven twice in riverwood to make him aggro while wearing the headwear that it gives me run away go in stealth mode take off disguise and they still attack me.. are you supposed to enchant it with something in order for it to work?
Psycho Walrus Nov 4 @ 3:14pm 
you should make a differnet mask thats like a ski mask
tomriv117 Nov 2 @ 10:33am 
Useless for pillaging and causing havoc. Stealing? Maybe.
There shouldn't be a bounty limit.
[MLG]TheRoyalBunnyKnight Oct 29 @ 3:42pm 
@angel/ghost im pretty sure that means you need to enter a number like how many you want.
Angel/Ghost Oct 16 @ 7:40pm 
after typing the command code in then the hex code it says the parameter count is missing

Solar Amaterasu Oct 3 @ 8:01pm 
Complete waste of time, not worth the effort needed to go through the command protocals with a 500 gold limit
d3master Aug 31 @ 7:46pm 
It's like you have a secret identity.