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Disguise your Crimes
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Feb 18, 2013 @ 1:46am
Feb 18, 2013 @ 9:51pm
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Disguise your Crimes

*** Similar to Gray Foxes Cowl - The enchantment can be learned from this hood and put on any headgear of your choice
Put on the Disguise and do your dirty work. Stealing, pillaging, causing havoc... just flee the scene and remove your disuise. Anyone from any faction will not associate you with the crimes committed while you were disguised.

Good for a thief, and Great for assassins!

You can take this hood to an enchanting table, and learn the enchantment for yourself. Use it on your favorite trouble-making outfit.

The hood should automatically appear in your inventory the next time you play.

Enjoy a thieves booty.... without the bounty!

If you don't get the hood automatically, you can get one from the commandline.
help "disguise hood"

You'll see:
ARMO: (XXXXXXXX) 'Disguise Hood'

use the hex code given where the 'XXXXXXXX' is in the following command:
player.additem XXXXXXXX

Then you should have a hood in your inventory.
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Sensai Xenlord Jun 6 @ 8:01am 
well my armour is good now ill put the enchantment on it the mask and also then have normal clothing best bounty hunter enchantment ever
bsturtz May 23 @ 7:09pm 
Does not seem to be working. Not really sure why. It use to work a while back, but then I stopped playing for several months. Now no matter what I do it does not work. I'll put it on, commit a crime leave the area (far from the crime scene), take off the mask and nothing. I'm still a wanted man. Any suggestions?
Xenomorph May 22 @ 12:57am 
...This'll work for when I feel like mindlessly slaughtering villages.
Or when my Vampirism reaches truly feared and I gotta GTFO...
Storethis May 21 @ 3:13pm 
@evilthorn Yeah me too
badajb May 18 @ 11:49am 
@EvilThorn same here
RedDeadGilly Apr 28 @ 1:15pm 
@EvilThorn same problem
EvilThorn Apr 27 @ 2:26pm 
i never found it in my inventory or commands.
Swifty-Subaki Apr 13 @ 7:22pm 
I should have read the description before I used this. Accidently took it off right after murdering everyone in the Drunken Huntsman and got confused why I still had a bounty.

Guess it makes sense. There is a Argonian in daedric armor chilling next to dead bodies right after a murder.
alixir Mar 17 @ 1:23pm 
wish i would have used this for the dark brotherhood questline lmao. it's so immersion breaking for me to be wearing stuff that covers my face and yet have guards put a bounty on me and recognize me when i come back to the region months later.
AbadopolGrimspree Feb 14 @ 5:38pm 
I have no idea why they didn't put The Gray Foxes Cowl in the game? Guess Nocturnal got that back while losing some stupid skeleton key? Like the skeleton key really matters if you perk up you lockpicking skills. The hood was actually in front of the Breezehome on the ground in WHiterun each time I've played...I actually didn't notice it about 8 times and I walked over it those 8 times until my character made a sound like he hit something or something hit his feet when I first subscribed this mod and played a fresh game.Thanx for making it breakable to enchant something else with it.