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LOTR Soldiers
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Feb 17, 2013 @ 12:33pm
Feb 24, 2013 @ 11:52am
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LOTR Soldiers

LOTR V2 IS OUT NOW! Check it out on



Because a lot of people are having issues with this mod we are now working on a new version of LOTR Soldiers. However this mod will be too big to put on steam. So we decided to upload it on nexus. I will put the link here when the url is available asap. If you have suggestions or questions you can still put them in the comments or contact me or ToXiC.


Added Faramir (can be found in Understone Keep near Jarl).
Changed Jarl Igmund to Jarl Denethor, Steward of Gondor.
Added Elven soldiers and archers. (Note: only through console command)


Added Sauron (yes he uses the sauron mace from Isilmeriel's weapon pack and also has the armor see pictures).
The Uruk-Hai Commander now wears the commander's helmet.
The Uruk-Hai Berserker now uses berserker sword.
Lurtz now uses an draugr bow and arrow.

My vision with this mod is to change Skyrim into Lord Of The Rings so if there are other people who know how to change city names please say how. Also if someone feels like making a Rohan armor I would update this mod to make Rohan Soldiers to and turn Whiterun into Edoras.

This mod changes Markarth City Guards into Minas Tirith City Guards with Gondor Armor.
I did this cause I think that Markarth looks like Minas Tirith.
I know there are two guards outside Markarth that didn't change but I can't find how to change them cause they are not normal Markarth guards.

Also the following NPC's can only be spawned through console command:

- a Gondor Soldier
- a Gondor Ranger
- a Gondor Captain
- a Uruk-Hai Soldier
- a Uruk-Hai Berserker
- a Uruk-Hai Commander
- and last but not least LURTZ!

- LOTR Soundtrack (to get you in the mood :))

The following mods are required:
- Gondor Armor
- Fountain Guard Armor
- Gondorian Ranger Armor and Ithilien Ranger Cloak
- Uruk-Hai Armor
- Sauron Armor
- Isilmeriel's weapon pack
- LOTR Elven Warswords
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Dunny May 25 @ 10:59pm 
Maybe have saruman at some point in the story and he ports you to and cave were you find a sweet new weapon of your own design or lots a dwarf axe an elf sword or bow and a man long sword maybe a dwarf crossbow and an elf stuff. I think lots of people will start suggesting ideas for the story and don’t worry about using those ideas I’m sure those people would use their ideas but they don’t know how. Maybe have heaps of different episodes of the story to download so people will never get bored and will always be able to go the next and have each episode called 123 and so on the something so ep 1 the battle of the south or something cool I will try to put up more ideas when I think of them.
Dunny May 25 @ 10:59pm 
By the way this is the first mod I have ever commented about so I diffidently am looking ford to these mods. O and don’t forget to make your own race of orcs and goblins because lets be honest I love how LOTR made there orcs and goblins it just seems right how they are. I honestly can’t what for these mods and I still can’t believe I’m still typing and I feel like watching the LOTR I hope this all works out for you and good luck.
Dunny May 25 @ 10:59pm 
And it's always been cool to fight a hoard of uraki or orcs and then a mini boss comes in the middle of the fight i have some big expectation but I bet a lot of people will love these I was also thinking of making a collection and putting it on the workshop.
Dunny May 25 @ 10:58pm 
There are plenty of modes that give you LOTR armour and this is the first that actually is trying to turn Skyrim in to the LOTR I think it is a perfect idea i would try to make the lonely mountains and maybe try and put a dragon on the map those little things can really make this a amazing series so keep going also maybe make some hobbits or other races walk around the cities depending on the city of curse but do use Skyrim wood elves and things like that try and make your own version or use other peoples modes to create a amazing experience if possible I think it would be amazing to have a massive story for your last mod for LOTR possibly start with the fellowship then you go to do something else to help have it so you have a boss at the end that’s not Sauron so it’s still more of a realistic story or if you really want make him be revived and you got to kill him don’t just pop him up out of no were great mod hop to see more that makes a unexpected story.
kingrolfthe1th May 19 @ 11:26am 

JohnnoGaming Mar 11 @ 4:50pm 
can you get their armor if you kill them
Doesn't work anyway ¡¡¡¡
KingNothing Jan 25 @ 11:02am 
Cool idea but apparently it's not working, and I really don't feel like going through the hassle of messing with it. That said, it'd be awesome if you made standalone armor mods with these, some for Gondor armor, the Uruk armors, and especially Sauron's armor and mace, please above all else make Sauron's stuff available to play with.
Myth34 Jan 20 @ 3:20pm 
All I want to know is weather or not you can wear the armor of Sauron... the rest is cool and awesome, but the way he and his armor and mace (and maybe the ring?) is done is important to me. I'm sure I'm not alone on this either. A close second is the witch king of Angmar.
Setsuna Jan 13 @ 3:48pm 
same problem as jerome, nexus doesnt work for me.