Portal 2

Portal 2

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Stair Upwards

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Stair Upwards

The first chamber is pretty straight forward. The second, a little harder. The third chamber requires remembering and looking for those portalable panels. The last one only looks easy. Although themed with stairs, the puzzle consists of cubes, bottons and tractor beams. Medium difficulty or slightly higher. Just remember not to run a tractor beam funnel up into a cube dropper when dropping a cube. This will cause it to get stuck.

Edit: A fizzler field has been added to the entrance of the last chamber to prevent an exploit allowing the player to circumvent the intended solution of the previous chamber.
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Spaceminnow May 28 @ 9:18pm 
Still making good time :) Next one ....
Chelliste Dec 29, 2014 @ 8:26am 
Usually in this author's puzzles when I feel stumped the reason is that I haven't examined my surroundings closely enough or from every angle. (Or in some puzzles, failing to notice a narrow gap that can be shot through at the edge of the fizzler.) In this one I could always visualize what needed to be done, and then the execution was fairly simple and did not involve extremely nimble finger gymnastics. At the very end, though, I didn't understand what the two portal surfaces at the exit were for. Once you get to where you can see them, you don't need them.
Skyferret  [author] Jan 9, 2014 @ 10:39pm 
LOL. It's a bit of a "look around" type of puzzle. I went back and played it. It's been a while so I was like "uuuuhm, okay, I think this should all come back to me".
kimist108 Jan 9, 2014 @ 10:10pm 
Yea! I am on page 7 of your test chambers. Started on page 14. I was at a loss in the room next to the last room. Then I saw that white surface. Sneaky.
Bad_Aim Aug 23, 2013 @ 11:20pm 
This one got a nicely tricky there in the middle. I guess I went the easy route and jumped down for the last part. Seemed faster than using the beam. I'm enjoying the stair series :)
toncica Mar 11, 2013 @ 3:54pm 
If your other maps are as solid as this one then it won't be necessary. Often the authors are unsure about unintended solutions or how intuitive the puzzle is to a new player. I always like to watch a playthrough through the eyes of another player, almost always it gives me ideas would could be improved.
Skyferret  [author] Mar 11, 2013 @ 3:44pm 
Can't think of any I'd like to see recorded. I'll leave that up to you if you wish.
toncica Mar 11, 2013 @ 2:09pm 
That's good to hear, the maps I have been playing recently did their best to make it as non-inutitive as possible, invisible connections, hidden panels opening somewhere else on the map after pressing a nameless button, even glitches. Your map was the first in the past two days which didn't make me angry while not being trivial. ;)
Usually I record my first run. If you have any maps which you would like to see a blind run for name them and I will play and record. So far I have only played two or three maps of yours by coincidence before.
Skyferret  [author] Mar 11, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
@toncica: Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it. I do like to make sure everything is intuitive in my maps. As for that last room, I had to go back and play it to see. The laser field means the player has to stay put before they get the cube on the first button to de-activate the laser field. However, the actual solution requires the player to stay put, as in don't jump down. So it seems your hunch is correct about the laser field whether it being there or not. I guess I figured it adds a slight degree of difficulty.

toncica Mar 11, 2013 @ 10:37am 
Thank you for this nice test. After a linear start it ends on a high note. Not too hard but with some moments of thinking involved. Really good flow and layout, all connections visible, no hidden portal surfaces, no guessing needed, nothing to complain about. :)
I'm wondering though if the last room wouldn't work just the same without the laser field.