Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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Medea's Wrath
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Feb 15, 2013 @ 7:33pm
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Medea's Wrath

"Now, summoned by my sacred rites, do you, orb of the night, put on the most evil face and come, threatening in all your forms. I will storm the gods and shake the universe."

Relive the madness of Medea, the famous woman betrayed by her husband Jason. Experience again her descent from love to fury through the nine levels of a new dungeon for Legend of Grimrock.

Description :
- nine floors
- some hidden rooms and secrets
- progressive difficulty
- fightings, exploration and puzzles
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EvathCebor  [author] Apr 14, 2014 @ 3:28am 
Oh I'm sorry I just read your message ! Well done :-)
StarScepter Apr 14, 2014 @ 3:21am 
Nevermind,,, got it.
StarScepter Apr 13, 2014 @ 11:51am 
L3, in the N of the map, need help with the corridor of pit traps.
EvathCebor  [author] Mar 5, 2014 @ 5:20am 
Argh, I thought I already corrected it, it works with me. Ok, I will look again, soon, thank you for telling me ! No, it's (or should be) just a little text.
Alleycat Mar 5, 2014 @ 4:29am 
Thanks for the explanation! I have the same bug that Finuvar has, is this just a text or are there any images?
EvathCebor  [author] Mar 5, 2014 @ 3:05am 
Thanks ^^

The end is a fall. This dungeon is the metaphor for the gradual descent of the Medea's spirit from pain to rage to inhumanity. The final fall is this last one (to inhumanity), into the darkness. At the end of the original story, Medea falls. Into madness, wrath, and and kills her own children in front of Jason to punish him. She is no longer a human but a monster.
Alleycat Mar 4, 2014 @ 10:43am 
Good pacing and design but what happened at the end?
EvathCebor  [author] Feb 21, 2014 @ 3:43pm 
Haha :-p
jordan_d_808 Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:29am 
I keep thinking this is a Tyler Perry movie.
Ryan J Feb 19, 2014 @ 7:53pm 
How good is it guys?