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Blasted Fortress
Genre: Casual, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Mar 8 @ 2:24pm
Jun 8 @ 4:55pm

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Update 1.14 Now Available
  • Added even more new sound effects to things that were a little too quiet.
  • Added mouse control to the cannon. This replaces keyboard controls. The cannon now automatically rotates to face wherever you’re aiming the reticule with your mouse. Right mouse button charges and fires the cannon so that left click can still be used to click different ammo types and to click the voodoo power buttons.
  • Updated the engine to Unity 4.5. Some changes to the physics engine necessitated a few tweaked values so that physics would behave the same. However, the engine update should provide an overall boost to performance.
  • Found many instances of unoptimized code (usually in scripts written over a year ago) and optimized them all. Performance was always super good, now it will just be super good-er.
  • The cannon will now fire projectiles far more powerfully when fully charged. We did this so that a fully powered shot would (more or less) fly wherever the reticule is pointing. As a side effect, where a shot will land is a little more predictable and sieges should feel a little more action-y.
  • All block health was increased across the board to compensate for the fact that projectiles will now be shot faster (and thus deal more impact damage). Blocks will still break faster from impacts overall, but will break slower from barrel explosions, fire, etc.
  • There is a serious bug with physics inertia and bouncing in Unity 4.5; we have temporarily plugged the problem by adding our own rudimentary inertia and bounce calculations, and hopefully we can hotfix later with an engine update when these issues are repaired internally by the Unity team. Gameplay shouldn’t be too noticeably affected in the meantime.
  • The game’s intro/tutorial text has been updated to reflect the new mouse-driven cannon controls.

    As promised, mouse control is now the new way to control the cannon. You’ll enjoy much more precision and many less key presses.

1.13 Hotfix Now Available
  • Fixed the Beast AI shutdown bug. We apologize for letting this bug get through, as it prevented the unlocking of ammo types. Luckily, the community brought it to our attention and it should now be fixed. If it ever happens again, please let us know!
  • Fixed a bug where Szalec's name was misspelled on his health bar.
  • Fixed a tooltip error on the Random Beast button that made reference to a feature we pulled after version 1.1.
  • Greatly reduced the lifetime of Szalec's magnetic boulders. There was no way to defeat Szalec easily except to wait for him to roar.
  • Fixed the wrong text appearing when beating Szalec, Nemmel, Genix, and Lumamon for the first time. Their respective ammo type was unlocking correctly, but the message would state that you already unlocked their ammo type and would reward you with 500 Gold on top of it. The first time you defeat any of the named Beasts you should get the unlock, but no Gold. Gold is only awarded for subsequent victories.
  • Fixed a bug where you could keep putting Talismans into the Juju Pot after it was full, thus wasting the Talismans. You're no longer allowed to do this.
  • Added sound effects to Szalec's magnetic boulders and to the magnetic cannonball.
  • Gave all Beasts a mild sedative; their poor little brains would sometimes try to think twice as often as intended and they would go into a wild frenzy of screaming and throwing things nonstop. (This was a bug.)
  • Slightly altered the velocity required for a flying cannonball to register as a hit against a Beast. On rare occasions you could strike a Beast while he was vulnerable and he would completely ignore it, and that shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Random Beasts that rolled both the Tough and Regeneration affixes together were nearly impossible to beat, especially if they roared often (which heals the Beast). Beasts across the board should now take ~1-2 more damage, and Regeneration ticks happen a little less often.

Release date: Available now
About the Game
Blasted Fortress is a physics-based destruction game. Think back to games like Crush the Castle, with RPG elements and a lot more depth, as well as plans to expand the game after release according to fan feedback.

  • Siege buildings of wood and stone using powerful spells and a cannon
  • RPG-style enhancements; upgrade spells and manage your resources
  • Partake in minigames and quests to gain bonus resources
  • Online multiplayer returns in update 1.2 and pits friends against each other for fun or bets
  • Seasons correspond to days of the week and impart interesting effects
  • Add your accumulated wealth to your Vault and make it rain gold!
  • Game tracks real-life time between plays and brings everything up to speed
  • Built-in building editor is easy to use
  • Free content updates are planned, and one has already released!

Because the game is already finished, voting Yes is risk-free. The game will be released on Steam immediately after being Greenlit. No Early Access period! That said, we'll still be listening intently to community feedback about what could be changed or added to the game in future content patches. We have and will continue to offer fantastic post-launch support, similar to games like Nation Red or Terraria.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop:
You can buy Blasted Fortress right now on Desura and for just $4.99.
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Dapper Swine
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CUSS BROTHER Sep 2 @ 1:08pm 
Looks and "works" great (as in, no bugs, no crashes, controls are very responsive and nowhere does it say "push [A] to continue" or other consol-itis syndromes).

That said, the fundamental experience is itself a bit lacking. I think the developer deserves to make some money, so I'm giving it the Greenlight "yes", but as it stands I would not leave a positive recommendation. I'll leave a few more elaborate thoughts in the forums.
Lionshare Aug 31 @ 8:23pm 
Voted! looks great :)
M. James Short Aug 31 @ 10:55am 
This looks really cool
I've seen a couple of these angry birds clones on the greenlight. They do not belong on steam.
SphiNiX Aug 23 @ 3:54pm 
Looks great! Can't wait to play! Voted!
MaX3nC3 [FR] Aug 22 @ 12:46pm 
Voted :)
harald.kertner Aug 22 @ 6:49am 
yes and bought on indieroyale
Moodbug Aug 22 @ 5:16am 
good luck
russonc Aug 22 @ 3:33am 
definite upvote here.
Voted +1