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GM Nightmare Church HD - Horror Free Roam Map - High Quality - [Feb 2015]
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Feb 15, 2013 @ 7:18am
Feb 21 @ 3:44pm
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In 3 collections by gtamike_TSGK
Maps by - gtamike_TSGK (Downloading the map from the link is recommended)
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Horror Story and Nightmare Church with Cry of Fear Lantern
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Nightmare Church Collection [Horror, Murder, TTT]
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Gmod - Nightmare_Church - Playlist Spoilers!!! (Reaction Videos)

Map Update Logs - (The Changes/Improvements I've done to the horror map)

Read the description before playing to get the most out of this Horror Map

Full Map Name: gm_nightmare_church_rc20 - (Release Candidate Version 20) Feb 2015http://gmod.gamebanana.com/maps/172228

Best played on your own or with a friend. You can use the weapons you spawn with.
Note: This map is compatible with Horror Story gamemode.
(Optional Sandbox Mode will work fine to)

↓ I Recommend Downloading Here instead of workshop version. ↓
Note: Soundscapes/Ambience sounds sometimes don't work for steam workshop maps.

Look around and explorer the Horror in this detailed "free roam" map!
Oh and yes there's jump scares. (No story, puzzles or 2D wall picture scares)
Don't forget to Rate the map and tell your friends if you liked it ;)
Map Build Time is over 12 months in total (Plus updates and other gamemodes support)

● All necessary content is included, no additional games are required to play.

➔ Reviews
Originally posted by CaptainTerror:
Probably the most resourceful use of hl2 assets to pull off some really neat tricks and scares i've ever seen done, this map is in my top-5 of all time. GREAT WORK!
Originally posted by AlcyToronto:
What a beautiful map! Immersive and exciting, truly frightening. And with a framerate really good for such a map, so detailed! Congratulations on your idea, construction, and optimization.
Originally posted by SScagnetti:
I like it! The map has a horror feeling without being all dark and stuff. Like literally. You can see everything and there is color to it.
Originally posted by DeadCat:
OMG THIS IS THE BEST HORROR MAP I HAVE EVER PLAYED... Mainly because there are screamers but there is no story that you have to follow, it is just a free roam map and the story pieces together slowly and please make more.

↓ More Information below about the map ↓

There's a few things in the map that will try to scare you. >:) Keep an eye out for secrets/hidden things as I added lots. Let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to rate the map. :)

The types of things to keep an eye open for (Hints) to help you find hidden things/secrets/easter eggs etc are listed below.

Glowing sprites, flashing sprites, glowing/moving textures, half see through walls, text that says press use, gravity gun sprite means you can pick up the object, small decals/sprays that looks like arrows pointing to somewhere or a green/yellow man decasl/sprays on a wall are a few examples.

Oh and yes you can go on the church roof but i'll let you guys work that out hehe.
Feel free to Adjust your Brightness Settings if you want things Darker.
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FAQs - Any map Crash is Clientside only! ✓
(Something wrong with your gmod and not the map)

If you get a Crash on map load READ THIS! in Discussions before commenting.

Map Made And Designed By: gtamike_TSGK
40 Models Optimized And Recompiled By: Stoopdapoop

Don't forget to Rate and check out the "TTT" and "Murder" gamemode versions :)

Thanks everyone for your support and 62,500 Current Subscribers. (Feb 2015)
Feel free to check out my other work: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gtamike
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Feb 9 @ 7:57am
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Feb 4 @ 11:55am
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aum Feb 26 @ 12:23am 
gtamike_TSGK  [author] Feb 25 @ 10:34pm 
Read information above :-P
Mr.GameCube(AKA Smile Doge) Feb 25 @ 10:31am 
everytime i try to load the map the loading process freezes
is the map broken?
gtamike_TSGK  [author] Feb 22 @ 10:11pm 
Alot of people have skiped many jump scares in the past so that's way it's disabled. The rules say no sprinting at the start anyway.
why cant you sprint? what kind of game breaking bug is going to occur if i sprint?
gtamike_TSGK  [author] Feb 21 @ 3:57pm 
Map Updates 21st Feb 2015

Main Update: Optimization and Frame Rate Boost

Engine recommended limits (SDK Hammer Log)
models WAS (60.4%) and NOW: (47.0%)
brushes WAS (81.0%) VERY FULL! and NOW: (72.0%)
brushsides (91.7%) VERY FULL! and NOW: (74.8%)
planes (90.8%) VERY FULL! and NOW: (56.9%)
vertexes (50.0%) and NOW: (43.7%)
entdata (152.5%) VERY FULL! and NOW: (142.5%) VERY FULL!
total triangle count WAS: 38874 and NOW: 29620

- Alot of the map has been converted into static models
- Texture Improvements
- Less model pop-in.
- Lots of Bug and Console Error Fixes.
- Plus other Improvements and General Tweaking.

Have Fun and Scare Your Friends! lol
HYDRA956 Feb 16 @ 8:02pm 
i read all the tags im a reble
_[Sleek Bones]_ Feb 9 @ 3:05pm 
@gtamike_TSGK yo dude you are awesome thank you again!
gtamike_TSGK  [author] Feb 9 @ 11:29am 
@_[Sleek Bones]_
No problem.
This is the first video I watched in 2007 (how to make maps)
_[Sleek Bones]_ Feb 9 @ 11:24am 
@gtamike_TSGK Thank you dude, i always thought people that made popular things thought of them selves to highly to even respond to peasants like me, thank you.