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Silver Knight Armor (Special Ver)
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Feb 15, 2013 @ 1:14am
Feb 10 @ 3:28am
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English Version
You Skyrim must updated
Never have nexus ver
No need any DLC support
Derivative work, Free for use

All the armors are craftable through any smithing forge.

Support Male/Female, all race.

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim game interface, and click data tag, it will auto download esp file for the tree.
finished, enjoy

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Psychotic Penguin Apr 16 @ 11:35pm 
This is very aesthetically pleasing and I appreciate the art and time that must have gone into this. If I had one criticism, it would be that when I look down (while wearing the armors) I see this awful, jagged thing that blocks a fraction of my view. Other than that, very balanced, great armors. Keep it up!
dlexComp Apr 12 @ 9:46pm 
awesome looks like something from kingdom hearts. Thanks :)
Leosknight Apr 10 @ 5:26pm 
thats a mod (I forgot the name), its reviewed by the youtuber MMOXreview, look him up on his channel. (Note: somewhat preverted, but otherwise his ok)
mycastlecellar Apr 10 @ 9:01am 
Jack; where did you get the beautiful girl (NPC) standing at the counter looking at the woman in the armor? The second screen shot.
Xalto Apr 6 @ 4:57am 
I get a problem when wearing the full white helm, it tweaks horribly and I look like a white fire atronach :P @kitsu, I noticed that too, but when I took along with me every common soul gem I had, which I noticed stored like 2-3 variety of souls, it finally let me craft it. Search for a common soul which value is like 150 gold pieces, I think that's the right gem :)
kitsu Apr 5 @ 2:21am 
Rusted Helm says I require a common soul gem.
I have both types of soul gem (filled and empty), yet it won't let me craft the Rusted Helm. Any ideas on how to fix this little bug?
sapje16 Apr 4 @ 1:43am 
get steel perk and you see it onder imperial
nav.whittaker6 Apr 4 @ 12:47am 
Okay, can someone please just give me a straight answer: Where Do You Get Rusted Light Armor? (not intended to offend, I'm just frustrated because I can't find it. :( )
faustusmus Apr 3 @ 10:28am 
You need to fix this. Why do i see the chestplate in 1st person view? i can even use the armor unless I give it to my followers.
jakob1122 Mar 30 @ 1:18pm 
my problem is in 1st person i see the chest area and when shething or drawing wepons i can see through them..