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Failed FEV Subject
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Feb 14, 2013 @ 8:56pm
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Failed FEV Subject

Epic Fail!!!....for you at least.
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Damianop11&60 [ITA] Oct 3 @ 12:56am 
omg! it s very realistic! LET'S TRY IT!...but not at 12 p.m. ... ;)
uLySsEuS Sep 15 @ 11:03pm 
im not sure if there is same looking npc in fallout new vegas...
NE0N115 Sep 7 @ 2:42pm 
Crashes my game when i turn it on, i'm sure its more a system issue but i really was looking forward to the amount of fear it would have instilled in my body... but nope... no worky
Kakashi Sensei Aug 13 @ 12:56am 

Joshua Lowe / NotShinji Jun 26 @ 3:09pm 
RE-CORRECTION: I meant that the subject wore a Vault jumpsuit, but it looks like a normal jumpsuit for mechanics during combat.
Joshua Lowe / NotShinji Jun 26 @ 3:08pm 
This mod works fine, ignore the response below. Feel free to replace the charger with the Fallout 3 Failed FEV Test Subjects from Vault 87.

I originally didn't find the charger to be as obvious in the Xbox 360 version of L4D2, but the original was alright. Even still, the model provided here works well both as a replacement charger that can be considered lore-friendly (It's wearing a mechanic jumpsuit and looks like a zombie) as well as a nice addition for Fallout fans.
Razgriz Ace18 Jun 25 @ 10:28pm 
Does it have sounds? Cause mixing him with the Old Spice charger would be a sight to behold...
Light Asahi Jun 21 @ 9:40am 
This shit is scary. It was scary enough when I found this thing in Vault 87 at the tender age of 11 ;-;
Dallas Jun 13 @ 10:00am 
Looks just like in Fallout really nice job
Bubba May 24 @ 8:13am 
I like the textures on this skin