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How to choose your sensitivity CSS/CS GO By Pro DaZeD
By caseyfoster NetcodeGuides.com
In this guide long time Professional Player DaZeD of Netcode Illuminati will be teaching you how to properly choose your sensitivity. This is a very talked about subject through the gaming community that "sensitivity is just preference" this isnt always true. DaZeD will explain the advantages and disadvantages to high/low senstivities and what is the BEST way to choose yours.
Windows Mouse Settings

The first thing you want to do is make sure your windows mouse sensitivity settings are correct. Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options Tab - and apply the listed settings.
- Place mouse slider bar in the middle (6 ticks from the left)
- Uncheck Enhanced Pointer Precision

Next you want to find out what DPI (Dots Per sq Inch) your mouse is running on and change it to somewhere between 400-500.

What these two settings will do will put your actual windows mouse sensitivity in a good place to adjust the speed elsewhere and so you know exaclty how your mouse should respond. Unchecking Enhanced Pointer Precision will remove whats called mouse accelleration from your mouse. When this is on, your mouse moves different distances based on how fast you were moving your mouse. This is bad for any gamer as you rely on whats called muscle memory in your video game. You want every movment of the same distance of your arm, to apply the same movement of distance of your cursor. This will improve the consisntency in your shot.

Ingame Mouse Settings
Next what you want to do is ensure you have the proper ingame mouse settings which I have attached a screenshot for (DaZeD's Mouse Settings)
- Mouse Sensitivitiy 2
- Zoom Sensitivity 1
- Raw Input On
- Mouse Acceleration Off

Of course your Mouse Sensitivity and Zoom Sensitivity can change to whatever you like, but DaZeD addresses this in the video above very well as to why you want something between 1.3-3 for you Mouse Sensitivity.

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VanDerSaht/Trade? May 1 @ 2:03am 
1 ingame, Razer Deathadder 2013, Razer Goliathus Speed Extended, 500 DPI
InZane Apr 25 @ 10:04am 
For those who are having trouble changing their dpi with Razer mice this program will let you.
Slyme Apr 22 @ 11:01pm 
How do you change your "DPI" my razer box says its "3500"
sHaRd_ Apr 16 @ 11:33pm 
Logitech G600, Logitech G240 Mouse pad, 6/11 Windows, 2 in game, and 450 DPI.
Juan Carlos, le bean farmer Apr 16 @ 1:48am 
6/1 ws, 3 ingame, Razer Deathadder 2013, Razer Goliathus Control, 500 DPI
Calvio Feb 8 @ 4:13am 
11/11 ws and 20 in-game, low space in my desk
logitech g500 steelseires qck frost blue 400dpi sens 1.8 6/11 ws
Rorgash Jan 13 @ 3:10am 
worth saying if no one else has, but download Mouse fix, since windows wont turn off mouse acceleration completely without it, once a game starts the game might make windows turn it on again. not all games does this tho.
Adolf($t@ckZ)Hitler Dec 4, 2013 @ 1:11am 
6/11 1500DPI and 4.42CS:GO I lowered to this and i think its making me better a little cause i was playing 6/11, 3600 DPI, and 5.56(I was originally playing anywhere from 5.56 to max but it was impossible at max or close to it) CS:GO... and @June Snowpaw 3500... thats cute i was using 6200 in COD when i still played lol but seriously anything over 1000 on one screen is a waste and 2000 if you where running 3 screens!
Aetz Dec 3, 2013 @ 1:24pm 
6/11, Razer Deathadder 3.5g, Raw Input ON, Acceleration Off, 450dpi, 500hz polling, and 1.5 in-game (its low, I recommend working way down from 2.5)