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A small group of weapons for use in coop or deathmatch scenarios.

Uses some TF2 sound effects, so you need that mounted to hear all sounds.

Most guns are functional with NPCs.


Duckfoot - Shoots 3 high-power bullets in a large spread. DPS: 30-90/s

Vampiric Claws - Restores 5 health per hit. Hitting armored enemies will give you +5 armor in return and drains an extra 10 armor from the target. DPS: 40/s

Electric Rifle - Shoots a beam that gets less accurate as you shoot. Secondary triggers suitzoom. Firing speed and spread is reduced in suitzoom. DPS: 50/s (25/s w/ suitzoom)

Plasma Pistol - Lights targets on fire for 5 seconds. Fire is only applied at close enough range. DPS: 15/s (with fire)

Biotigun - Shoots healing rounds that heal the target +10 health per bullet. Shooting full health targets gives them +10 armor. Secondary triggers suitzoom. DPS: -50/s

Face Puncher - Knocks target back. DPS: 35/s

Face Eraser (admin only) - Knocks target into another plane. DPS: 5/s

Gefahrenreiter - Low rate of fire and minimal damage. Firing speed and spread ramps with how much you get hurt. DPS: 3-32/s (full health) 22-640/s (one health)

Double Standard - Shoots 2 rockets parallel to eachother. Secondary triggers suitzoom. DPS: 60-120/s, 60/s per rocket

Octuple Standard (admin only) - Shoots 8 rockets parallel to eachother. Secondary triggers suitzoom. DPS: 200-1600/s, 200/s per rocket

Haste Sniper Rifle - Successful hits increase next shot firing speed by 75% while scoped in. Secondary increases zoom, reload resets zoom. DPS: 15/s (unscoped) 80/s (scoped) 106/s (scoped and shot boosted)

Uranium Machine Gun - Very high rate of fire. Owner is slowed to a crawl while equipped. Has a bottomless clip. DPS: 80-320/s

Armada - Holding right click gives you damage resistance proportional to how much health you have, but slows your movement and firing speed to half. DPS: 10-50/s, 5-25/s while blocking

Super Suit (admin only) - Primary shoots a laser beam, secondary throws you in the direction you're aiming. DPS 1000/s

Turbine - Blows you and your target back. Also extinguishes target. DPS: 0/s

Perfectly Normal SMG - Just a normal SMG... DPS: 53/s

Junkyard Reaper - Increase movement speed while active. Secondary fire consumes 5 HP for a 100 damage strike. Secondary also performs a short dash that can be used to close gaps or scale tall objects. DPS: 36/s (normal attack) 100/s (secondary)

Killer-Watt - Attacks have a small chance to produce arcs of electricity (15%) or a combine ball (1%). DPS: 34/s

Resizer (admin only) - primary fire decreases target's size, secondary increases it. DPS: 0/s


Gun Models - Me

Art - Me

Gun Model Editor - Clavus

Maps in Screenshots: gm_bigmaze, gm_freespace_13, gm_construct_in_flatgrass
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Slaivor Feb 12 @ 12:10am 
oh ok thx
PickledSausage  [author] Feb 10 @ 4:30am 

That's the Killer-Watt
Slaivor Feb 10 @ 4:26am 
where sword at last screen
PickledSausage  [author] Feb 9 @ 1:03pm 

They mays cause errors but they'll work.
Taberone Feb 9 @ 11:29am 
are NPCs able to use these?
LeadKiller Jan 24 @ 8:27am 
Very nice.
PickledSausage  [author] Jan 21 @ 11:13am 

I'm glad you think so.
ab Jan 21 @ 10:27am 
this is what's supposed to be on the front page of gmod
Deika Jan 20 @ 4:06pm 
interesting, I might give it a look
PickledSausage  [author] Jan 20 @ 9:57am 
@Hackerkm Thanks my man. Also: i use GMPU to upload my sweps. It's an easy to use free program you can get here with a tutorial: