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Night Terror
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Feb 11, 2013 @ 5:41pm
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Night Terror

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Night Terror with fix
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Night Terror by NIPPER and Dr.Boo

Please also get the sound fix here:
Otherwise the custom sounds won’t work and they’re important!

This campaign features five maps that take you through a variety of locations. Maps 1,2,3, and 5 were made by me and map 4 was made by Dr.Boo. We made this a long time ago and some stuff has broken since then due to L4D2 updates. The only major bug is that the custom models in map 4 are no longer visible but they still block your path. The sounds also broke but we have a fix for that linked above.

Other notes:
- The clock in map 5 will need to be hit twice to start the event.
- Map 3, the mines of Moria map, requires you to RUN through several panic events so keep that in mind.
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Jan 13, 2015 @ 11:01am
Best Map EVER!
Nathan McGrayson
< >
RadicalEdward2 Jun 1 @ 4:02pm 
Oh my god the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion!!!
Kumisa May 30 @ 12:47am 
1945 May 28 @ 11:09am 
epic map
HeCCiNG FaST DoGGeR May 14 @ 12:54pm 
This map is virtually impossivlw single player in chapter 3.
UltraRaglo Apr 5 @ 12:40pm 
I love it :D
iNormal Mar 29 @ 10:13pm 
iNormal Mar 29 @ 10:13pm 
this mad emy pc crash
HakYeoReum Mar 10 @ 10:53pm 
theradiofox Mar 5 @ 3:44pm 
I have the same issues that Gear-Fox pointed out. If you're playing on the expert difficulty, the only way to play this game ;) , then you're in for a tough time. The real issues are the panic events in map 2-3. You have to hold on to your boomer biles and intentionally get puked on by a boomer to draw attention from your teammates as they escape. It's tank galore in map 3. Sheesh. Map 4 has fun, easily avoidiable traps. Those invisible walls that were taken out due to the update make it hard to sometimes to back pedal when facing a tank. No biggie though.

Now map 5, holy shit, is that tricky. It's close to impossible to beat when your vision is obscure and we have hard 8 style spawning going on. Again, this is speaking from my experience playing it on the expert difficulty. I usually love that realism or death's door mutation.

It isn't bad campaign, you just have to dedicate your full Left 4 Dead skill set to survive it. Most def not for the casual playthrough.
Gear-Fox Feb 11 @ 12:31am 
Great map design, god-awful spawns. Specials spawn way too quickly even on easy and the tank spawns are way over done as well as super hordes. Also no indicator where to go at finale.