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Powerful Thu'um - Dragonborn (FIXED)
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Feb 11, 2013 @ 3:42pm

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Powerful Thu'um - Dragonborn (FIXED)

**Dawnguard AND Dragonborn Required**

Because Dragonborn changed the a couple of the effects of the Shouts themselves, and the Workshop isn't very helpful at switching out files, this is it. The FIXED version, that will allow the new bonuses added in the expansion to certain shouts to take effect.

--This mod stands alone. If you are already using Powerful Thu'um, feel free to switch from that one to this one. If you are not, then you can start here. Nothing is required but Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

This mod aims to improve the now-powerful art of the Thu'um. Cooldowns have been reworked and damage increased. I sought to follow the model set by Unrelenting Force: aside from the cooldowns, the first two words of most shouts haven't been touched too much. The third word (words like "Suffer", "Eternity", "Freeze", "Sun") of most offensive shouts have seen HUGE improvements.

The damage shouts have been changed so that the full shout, aside from having a more reasonable cooldown, also does damage comparable to an Expert-Level Destruction spell dual-cast with all relevant perks. Incredibly powerful, especialy against low-level enemies, but on higher difficulties or later in the game, they should serve as a nice (and actually useful) boost to one's combat technique.

Utility shouts, like Animal Allegiance, have had their cooldowns reduced to a level that might actually make them worth using once in a while.

NOTE: I shouldn't even have to say it, but if you do something to get ridiculous shout cooldown bonuses, then this mod will make your character even more unstoppable than they probably already are. Like everything else I have made or will make, this has been created for and tested in Master difficulty.

Future plans: I'm open to suggestions for balance. So far, I haven't noticed anything being too obscenely powerful, at least on Master difficulty. I may tweak the cooldowns of a few of the shouts some in the future, but as it is, I feel that most of them fit the relative usefulness and power of how I feel they ought to be.

Change list:

Animal Allegiance:
New cooldown- 15/20/30 (from 50/60/70)
Increased effective level up to 50 at 3rd tier.

Aura Whisper:
New cooldown- 20/27/35 (from 30/40/50)
The third tier shout is now ALMOST usable on cooldown (there's a 5 second gap), if you want to waste your Voice on being all-seeing.

Battle Fury:
New cooldown - 20/25/30 (from 20/30/40)

Become Ethereal:
No Changes

Bend Will:
New cooldown - 10/60/90 (from 10/90/120)
The 3rd word, the one that affects dragons, has had its effect on lesser creatures increased in duration.

Call Dragon:
Reduced cooldown to 3 minutes (from 5).

Call of Valor:
Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes (from 3).

Clear Skies:
No change.

New cooldown- 20/30/50 (from 30/45/60)
Increased damage of the final word.

New cooldown- 20/25/40 (from 30/35/40)
1st word now effects up to L15. 2nd word now affects up to 25. 3rd word now affects up to 50. All but the strongest of enemies will lose their weapons. NOTE: THIS INCLUDES YOU, THE PLAYER. Be prepared appropriately. Yes, this was intentional; those Draugr Deathlords can be serious-er business now.

New cooldown- 30/35/50 (from 40/45/50)
The 2nd word now affects enemies up to L25. The 3rd word now affects enemies up to L48. Bosses won't be so easy to scare off, but their minions now flee from you as I've always felt that they should.

Dragon Aspect-
First word now increases armor by 100 points, second by 200, and third by 300. Third word also now grants 50% elemental resistance to fire and ice, and a 25% reduction to Shouts (increased from 25% and 20%, respectively).

No change.

Drain Vitality:
New cooldown- 30/40/55 (from 30/60/90)
The third word of the shout now does 10 damage/second to all 3 attributes (up from 5).

Elemental Fury:
New cooldown- 25/35/45 (from 30/40/50)

Fire Breath:
New cooldown- 25/35/70 (from 30/50/100)
Third word now does 200 fire damage. (Comparison: Vanilla, dual-cast Incinerate spell does approximately 198 damage w/ two perks in +Fire damage)

Frost Breath:
New cooldown- 25/35/70 (from 30/50/100)
Second word now slows enemies slightly more than the first. The third word now does 35 damage over 5 seconds (from 18 damage over 5 seconds), and significantly slows enemies.

Ice Form:
New cooldown- 30/40/60 (from 60/90/120)
Damage of the second word has been increased to 2.25 (from 2.0). Damage of the third word has been increased to 3.0 (from 2.0).

Kyne's Peace:
New cooldown- 5/10/20 (from 40/50/60)
Buffed the third word to affect anything up to L50, upped radius to 500. I did reduce the area of the first two words slightly, so they should only work on creatures actively attacking you or fairly close by. Now this shout is *almost* Powerful, at the 3rd stage. At the very least, it might actually be used once in a while.

Marked for Death:
New cooldown- 15/25/40 (from 20/30/40)
Increased damage of the third word to 5/second (up from 3), the damage armor effect to 85 (up from 75).

Slow Time:
New cooldown- 25/35/50 (from 30/45/60)
Increased effect of 3rd word slightly, and increased duration to 20 seconds (from 16).

Soul Tear:
Reduced cooldown of third word to 70 (from 90). Increased the damage to 750 (from 300). It can kill lesser opponents, even in Master, and does an impressive chunk of damage to more powerful enemies, but is single-target (unlike Flame or Frost Breath, which plow right through rooms of enemies).

Storm Call:
New cooldown- 180/240/300 (from 300/480/600)

Summon Durnehviir:
Reduced cooldown to 3 minutes (from 5).

Throw Voice:
No change.

Unrelenting Force:
New cooldown- 10/15/35 (from 15/20/45). Slightly increased the damage caused by the words.

Whirlwind Sprint:
New cooldown- 15/20/30 (from 20/25/35).
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BeefCotto Dec 21, 2016 @ 8:51am 
can you make a mod that give you some bonuses based on the number of dragon souls not used you have? like if you have 5 souls, 5% damage reduction and 10 stamina points and go on
The Legendary Dragonborn Apr 14, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
if not for not being able to use dragonaspect like a normle shout id give it 5out of 5 stars
The Legendary Dragonborn Apr 14, 2014 @ 3:21pm 
it would be nice to remove the dragonaspect from the powers and add it to shouts/ so u can actualy use it more than once a day. Just saying if miraak could use his one afteranother. U killed him and if they aint good enuph reasion u also absorbed his power and soul so. u should be able to do the same.
ryugin93060 Feb 14, 2014 @ 3:47am 
Ya want to get it over with and make this a out of the hand spell like sas mod has shouts as spells...but its up to you later..
Kain Dec 31, 2013 @ 9:10am 
Nice, I was looking for a mod to increase thu'um damage. On legendary difficulty the vanilla thu'um ( Fire Breath on this case ) deals only 5% damage of the enemy HP. In other words: terrible damage and waste of thu'um cooldown.
loremaster_kkm  [author] May 27, 2013 @ 1:02pm 
I'm pretty sure I didn't touch the duration or the once-a-day nature of the Shout, so it might be something else you have going.
Dave Christian May 26, 2013 @ 8:02pm 
I'm not sure if there is some sort of conflict but the dragon aspect never ends so now I'm stuck with it unless I revert back to a previous load. Is there a quick way to disable it?
Norby33 Apr 1, 2013 @ 2:15pm 
nice, get it
Ragnar Feb 20, 2013 @ 6:32pm 
can you make the original fus roh da?
Legion1995ME Feb 19, 2013 @ 7:14am 
Very cool Mod. But how you could load the Dragonborn.esm and the Dawnguard.esm simultaneously with the c.-kit? When I try to load both files, there came only a error message. :(