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Turbosnowy's Succubi Mayhem
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Feb 11, 2013 @ 3:18pm
Mar 3, 2013 @ 6:37am
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Hi folks,
Me again sending more crazy stuff your way - This mod introduces a new race of monsters into Skyrim - these being evil demons called Succubi who are after your blood, and quite capable of taking it. Please watch the videos for an idea of what this is about - that way you will see if this is to your taste or not.

On the good side, you will finally get to meet monsters wearing my clothing in my other mods, and loot them if you are strong enough to take them down....

On the bad side I also made the succubi RIDICULOUSLY HARD so that high level characters had something to run screaming from, reliving that feeling of running into a sabrecat as a newbie... Let me know if you think it is too hard/crazy, just right or even not crazy enough (I have even more evil options which I discounted previously but can add them back in <evil grin>) - chances are will make a few versions of this mod ranging from slightly crazy to uber crazy to challenge even those folks with LVL80 chars with god weapons etc.

What you will get is a levelled Succubus (Drezza'n) as a wandering monster wearing a randomly generated outfit from my collections - she is a scary mage who will quite happily ruin your day on her own - however to make matter so much worse, if she decides to, she will summon a couple of friends (Ezzra'n Succubi, also with randomly generated outfits) which are less powerful but very deadly close combat fighters - any of whom are likely to ruin your day...

Ongoing I am attempting to add more images of what the Succubi will look like (considering they have randomly generated outfits, admittedly within set parameters) this may take a while to show the variations but expect more images in time, and of course even more as I add more combinations for them to wear and you to loot XD

Feedback appreciated on difficulty level - let me know how you get on - this has been successfully used by Nexus users now so I know it works - YAY! Now just need to work out whether it is too tough, just right, not tough enough for people...

Selected Comments from Nexus / Steam and FAQ below which might be helpful or give you a jist of what to expect if you are still deciding:

MaxFennig Mar 8, 2013
so , i just dl'd your girls and i happened to have my save file in a snowy , mountain region . within 30 seconds of starting my game not only did i encounter a large pride of lions but one of your lady friends shows up to introduce herself ! oh , and there was a giant too but that doesn't really count 'cos the lions were pretty much done with him by the time i got there .
anyhoo , i'm gonna guess she was having a bad day or something 'cos she called over a friend to join the party and i know it wasn't the cut of my jib ( every chick i know loves the way my jib is cut ! ) and then things really got interesting .
that is the closest i have come to death in a very long time . i went through almost my entire stock of health potions during the engagement and it wasn't the lions that did most of the damage . it was awesome !
poor old lydia was down within maybe 5 seconds so i don't think she was happy . just one question though , i could only find one corpse to loot . do the summons disappear on death or do i really suck at finding corpses ?
great mod , totally endorsed . my advice to anyone considering dl'ing this mod ? be afraid ...... be very afraid !!

Lonnie Olafson Mar 7, 2013
Well my first run in with the Succubi was more than i could hope for. I play on Master with one extra follower so three of us. We held are own with one Succubus then she summoned two of her friends and that's when things went south.In over 900 hours of play i have never had a kill move pulled on me.Hell has no fury like a pack of Succu♥♥♥♥♥es out for your blood.Great fun i fear my next encounter.Thx

highlanderhln Mar 4, 2013
Hi Ts, many thanks for this mod. I think you are crazy like me. All works perfect, great job,well done. My followers and Housecarls like this armor.

WarHorse62 Feb 22, 2013
i have my female and serana dressed to the hilts in ur other fetish stuff, vERY nightingalish..be great opponents of the Succubi!!

Powerchoke1 Feb 22, 2013
really tough to survive against three. My advice if your not stocked on potions run. Only weakpoint their vunerable against magic.

Q1: Where do I run into these brutal valkyries?
A1: They are classed as wandering monsters, and are likely to appear in mountainous and snowy regions rather than plains and forests.

Q2: ZOMG they ate my face - what's that about?
A2: Yep these daring damsels are rather tough. Leave feedback if you think they are a bit too naughty with the spells/dmg given or how many strikes from orbit it takes to take them down. I might make different versions ranging from normal difficulty to 'You've got to be joking' difficulty.

Q3: They all seem to be a bit of the kinky disposition in their attire I noticed - can you make this mod where they wear pretty innocent floral dresses and bonnets instead?
A3: Ayep and Anope.

Q4: Can I haz enchantments on looted armour and/or temper them to make them awesomerer?
A4: Ayep.

Q5: These gals are rubbish. With my sword of +100000000000 dmg and insta-death for 100 miles they presented me with no challenge. Pfft.
A5: Fine, let me know - always ways to make them keeeeeeel you in a new version mwahahaha *cough*

Q6: What body type is the Succubi armour made for?
A6: It is a CBBE bodytype of a preset shape - you can get the required shape by wearing a catsuit dropped by a succubus and wearing other items over the top - or you can download to my body mods on steam which will give you the required body shape without needing to wear a catsuit first (i.e. can show some skin if you desire).

List of updates:
12th Feb - added succubus race skeleton (BBP enabled and all that good stuff), so the armor will fit correctly on the Succubi even if you don't use my character/female skeleton mods. Won't affect your character or anyone else apart from the succubi so don't worry :)

24th Feb - added missing facetints so they should appear purple as intended and as per my pics.

3rd March - added some new outfits and gave the Succubi a faction so they should no longer fight each other if they meet.
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Gimme 20$ Mar 9 @ 1:05pm 
I thought Succubi were sex demons and not hard to beat mofoes?
GoonlockBrown Feb 22 @ 12:06am 
I would like to see a playable race, I dig the purple skin tone.
GoonlockBrown Feb 20 @ 12:56pm 
AbadopolGrimspree Feb 13 @ 7:51pm 
Without the nude mod from nexus they look really stupid in the outfits that show more skin. "These chicks are a pain to find as well as a pain to beat."
Smirk Dec 13, 2014 @ 10:00am 
NICE lol!!!
Royal Kat Nov 17, 2014 @ 1:55pm 
where can i get their powers
Diablo Oct 13, 2014 @ 10:53am 
Go to console (`) and type in tgm. then these gals cant do $#!? to you.
end of story, make something better than console commands for god-mode. HAHA!, YOU SHALL NOT EAT OUR FACES ANYMORE YOU PURPLE WORMS!
SniperOwned Oct 5, 2014 @ 1:30am 
it is indeed too hard, too d4mb hard, and throbbing
Adm. Eric the Defiant Sep 29, 2014 @ 12:26pm 
Do you get their armour when you defeat them?
ChronicAxis Sep 20, 2014 @ 1:40pm 
wow, as soon as i comment, my next fast travel yeilds ten succubi