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Particle effects
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Feb 10, 2013 @ 1:25pm
May 4, 2013 @ 2:12pm
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Particle effects by various artists, required for certain mods. In the interest of avoiding addon conflicts, Urik Kane has embedded particle effects in error.pcf, which means particles_manifest is no longer required.

Jimonions - Gunkanjima particles
Urik Kane - Celestia/Luna sparkles, coffee steam, Ghost Rider, cyborg
Zira - muzzle flashes, muzzle smoke
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FLAfiniii [RO] Apr 14 @ 8:11pm 
Could someone make a mod that removes muzzleflash / etc. related to the muzzle , my fps keeps droping,and why wouldn't have a smooth game / fun?.
BlazeHedgehog Apr 13 @ 9:12pm 
No screenshots, no video, no download. Even if it's obvious what the mod does, I would like to see exactly what I'm getting in to before subscribing.
Nudek Mar 30 @ 2:16pm 
pretty sad if you idiots require a screenshot to download something.. shallow jerks. just read the dam description
Mandrill Mar 29 @ 2:44am 
hi :) i get this error in console. is there a way to fix this issue?

Error! Variable "$blendframes" is multiply defined in material "particle/smoke1/smoke1_add_nearcull"!
Material trails/smoke used by particle systems cannot use proxies!
Particles: Missing 'particles/ghostrider_fx.pcf'
lucasmg1998 Mar 23 @ 7:56am 
Thers some great weapons mods that use these particles.. grab it now if you want some crazy good content.
Purple People Eater Mar 10 @ 12:14am 
Nice gun
Dr.Archy Mar 7 @ 4:49pm 
looks like someones a debbie downer...
[GG] GenJoker :Gramps: Mar 6 @ 1:03pm 
@ Quenelle and #$DUB fucking really just because their are no screenshots does not mean you can't sub and its a particles mod i don't think screenshots for particles really fucking matter
ℐℴℋℯℛ Feb 20 @ 8:56pm 
dat right no screen shot no sub :l
no screenshot no sub :p