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Flappin Nutz
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 9, 2013 @ 9:34pm

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After the defilement of his beloved 57' Bel Air by a flock of avian scum, Colonel Stanlee "Hellfire" Mihalek experiences a flashback which sends him into a psychotic state leaving him insatiably craving one thing..REVENGE! With the help of his loyal companion Sky Captain Doggles in the cockpit of an old fighter plane he kept around in case of a situation such as this, Mihalek suspends himself from the plane by a rope and takes to the skies to eradicate any and all who dare stand in his path of destruction.

"Flappin Nutz" is a classic arcade style shoot em up where the player will take control of Colonel Stanlee "Hellfire" Mihalek in his war efforts against flock after flock of the enemies responsible for defecating on Mihaleks prized Bel Air. The war will not be an easy one however, as Mihalek will have to travel through different stages and battle against more than your average pigeon. Enemies will attack the player from all sides of the screen and poison Mihalek with unique status effects which will provide the player a more challenging and engaging experience than any standard shoot em up.

Follow our game studio Lonely Missile for all the latest updates on "Flappin Nutz" as we wrap up production on it this year! Our Facebook Our Twitter Our Youtube (For a preview of our soundtrack!) (Our blog including announcements, dev blog, and art blog!)
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jonathan_moors Nov 10 @ 1:43pm 
i flap my nets every tiem
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yes i want it !!!!
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not bad
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interesting gameplay mechanics
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По-моему , очень фановая игра :)
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I like "Doggles" already.