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Dino Harvest Enhanced
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Jan 7 @ 12:38pm
Jan 25 @ 11:29pm
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Dino Harvest Enhanced

  • expands the wandering resource search radias for all dinos listed below in the notes.
  • increased max range for attack and auto attack/harvest so harvest now matches there attack range.
  • enabled auto harvest for Doeds to include stone, metal, and wood while wandering or while near a resource node.
  • enabled auto harvest for ankys to include stone, metal, and flint while wondering or while near a resource node.
  • enabled auto harvest for Roll Rats to include wood and berrys. (wood is a WIP due to detection range issues with rats not in devkit.)
  • enabled auto harvest for Mammoth to include wood and thatch while wodnering or while near a resource node.
  • disabled auto-fleeing of Moschops to made them protect themself while on wondering and/or gathering.
  • all of these features work while being carried by a Karkinos. you can now truly go harvesting with them now.

  • It does not change any core files.
  • it does not increase or decrease any harvest/gather rates.
  • it does not add anything resource gathering extra then what is normally possable. it only adds those same resource abilitys to the wander and auto harvest.

YES! no core files are modified. only disclamer is at this time, it only looks at normal dinos and aberation dinos based on there class IDs. This will not work on Modded dinos. if you see a need, present your case and I'll consider it.

for now, these settings are not changable. want to see how they work one in the game. I may add custom settings to toggle specific resources if we see it's required. Also if you can think of any other dinos that I missed that really need to be included in this, please let me know.
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Hot Redhead
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Hot Redhead Mar 4 @ 6:12pm 
If it helps, My ark server manager works just fine w the id 1261775998
Temil2006  [author] Mar 4 @ 8:20am 
full URL is
which means ID is 1261775998 ... unless the URLs for everything on steam have changed, yes I'm sure.

you stated that it gives you an error on updating, not an error on install. that seems odd as install and update uses the same ID. would need more details on the error to figure out the cause.
BABA GANUSH Mar 4 @ 4:35am 
Hi there, i have try everything, no matter what i change or do on Ark Server manager your mod is the only one that gives error when updating and i cant update. are you sure the mod id is correct :P
Hot Redhead Feb 28 @ 8:23pm 
Discussion posted :)
Hot Redhead Feb 28 @ 8:11pm 
@Temil2006, It's with any of the normal harvesters. Ankylo, Doed, Casso.. Let me reproduce it real quick just to verify that it's happening and I'll post my finds.
Temil2006  [author] Feb 28 @ 11:11am 
@BABA :: honestly, it's not about being a normal aka regular author. The fact that I do this moding for myself and share my tools with others simply because I think they will like it. Call me what you wish, the fact is that everyone should learn how to get the information for them-self. not sure if ya ever heard the phrase ...

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

I just taught you how to fish and lead you to water. what you do with it from there, I leave that to you.
Temil2006  [author] Feb 28 @ 10:45am 
Hot Redhead :: first, have to say, love the name, makes me wonder if it's for real! :) .. secondly, there is nothing that the mod is doing to change the harvest stop/start. all it really does is flags the "enable wander harvest" to true, and adds the normal resources that are defaulted to the dino to the list of items to harvest. if it's stopping as some time, it's something as part of the dino by default.

can you give an example of which dino, if it's vanilla or modded, and a breakdown of what exactly you are seeing (as in, does it stop moving entirely? does it attack, but no harvest? etc) .. list of other mods might be helpful as well. please post this to a discussions so it's easier to track.
Hot Redhead Feb 28 @ 9:59am 
BABA, it's literally at the top of the page? Why should he have to re-include it?

Also, @Temil2006, Are dinos supposed to stop harvesting once they hit 300/900 weight? IS this normal or should I test more and report this to you?
BABA GANUSH Feb 28 @ 8:56am 
A regular Mod author will always place the mod id available on the Mod discription, well guess your not normal aka regular u like the hard way i guess, good job by the way
Temil2006  [author] Feb 28 @ 5:22am 
BABA :: I never understood why 5% of mod users can't locate the mod ID. I'm going to use this time as an educational period. please reference the following Guide so that you will never have the issue with not finding a mod ID for "ANY" mod for "ANY" game on steam. ;)