Portal 2

Portal 2

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Our love shall never fizzle...

Some dexterity required. No ninja moves.

Many thanks to Dreamer for playtesting and constantly breaking this chamber.

Also many thanks to Distant for the help in the development of this map!
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N Twirl Mar 14, 2016 @ 9:42am 
Oh ! Sure, great honour :).
Thanks for the tip, I didn't know you could stop the bouncing by pressing 'ctrl'. Indeed, the execution becomes a lot easier ; I'll keep it in mind for future maps.
About the introduction, it's hard to make it easier, but it stumped me :) ; I gave my experience with it.
toncica  [author] Mar 11, 2016 @ 4:52am 
Thanks for the video. If you don't mind I'll add it as official walkthrough. It's completely intended, but there was one thing that felt off and I didn't even catch it on my first watch. You never press the 'control' key when you land on the blue gel, instead you bump against the glass and the clean floor to lose momentum. That makes it look more finicky than intended, especially the diagonal jump.

Unfortunately it's necessary to 'shrink' the entrance, the player would be able to slip past the funnel when the portal is placed accurately. And the introduction level is only about learning how to extent the life expectancy of the ex-cube, it was added later because that was the biggest obstacle in the main puzzle.
N Twirl Mar 10, 2016 @ 9:02pm 
Well, I didn't wait for your answer and here is a recorded walkthrough :) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysY6BcL7an0.
It seems I spent more time recording the walkthrough than solving the map^^. I'll give a remark : in the main room, where you have to get under the platform, bouncing on the blue gel (with the cube), do you really need to "shrink" the entrance ? It makes the move a lot harder, since it prevents you from looking down with the cube.
N Twirl Mar 10, 2016 @ 6:15pm 
The first trick is more about knowledge than thinking, unfortunately (it took me a really long time before realising that pushing the cube button twice reset the timer - I didn't spoiler it on purpose). I was stuck on both this one and the ex cube small and abandonned them for a while (a week) because of it.
Past this first trick, this map is really great, thanks ! I really wanted to find a way to solve the map without the laser, but couldn't :). On this matter, I'd like to point out that I didn't plan on how to use it, just on activating it (here, the "diagonal" jump is not easy to see). Then the solution came by itself.
After having watched the Polux walkthrough, I can only congratulate you on the recent changes you made to the map. Would you like me to record an up to date walkthrough (although the solution is basically the same) ?
temporarymanwastaken Aug 26, 2015 @ 9:11am 
Brilliant. Love that exit-blocking funnel.
toncica  [author] Dec 27, 2014 @ 3:58am 
Cubini is Dreamer's remake of this puzzle. I changed the title to Ex-cube because the initial "magic show" theme was lost on most people.
Ganymede Dec 26, 2014 @ 11:24pm 
This puzzle is so much like The Great Cubini that I can't tell which came first. The Great Cubini comes later in your workshop, but this one is more polished and comes with an introduction so I really can't tell.

I totally didn't realize the correct way of doing this puzzle until I read your reply to Polux. Grabbing the cube through the fizzler is still possible in The Great Cubini so I was very confused when I could no longer do it that way in this version. Even after reading your reply and learning the correct way I had to go back into the map and try out the move before I was convinced it was possible. That is a very obscure move. I'm not sure I would have ever figured that out without reading about it.

Other than that, this was more like deja vu than anything else.

I liked the intro.
toncica  [author] Oct 31, 2014 @ 3:35pm 
Mocking the player by not letting him through to the exit, because the funnel prevents it, is all what this test is about. ;)
Thanks for playing.
Talisac Oct 31, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
Nice test again, quite tricky (well at least I tried some tricky moves before finding the right one..) and sharp timings. Well calculated.

Ah and I forgot: I love when exit door is so close, but when a very useful funnel block you because you have absolutely no choice :p
toncica  [author] Oct 31, 2014 @ 11:29am 
The 'hidden' laser catcher is only to spawn a new cube in case you can't reach it anymore. It was once a part of the puzzle and the player was supposed to avoid hitting the catcher. Maybe I should change that. I'm glad the puzzle is healthy overall, a small injection should do. Thanks for playing.