Garry's Mod

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Feb 9, 2013 @ 6:21am
Feb 9, 2013 @ 10:07pm
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You'll need to have both ep1 and ep2 installed and mounted.
This is a coop pve map, so I suggest you play it with at least 3 players.
The difficulty of the battles changes depending on the amount of players on the server.

The map was designed with the seven swords ( gameplay in mind, it will work fine without it however.
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the moon Jul 14 @ 5:48pm 
I've done this map a few times on a listen server, but I run into a problem once the map is complete where I can't move. I've tried cleanup, I've tried ent_removing any entity that'd seem to constrict my view and movement (that I could see with report_entities), I've done fadein and can tell I can't move. There a way to start it over without starting the map again?
The Rabbid Fox Jul 11 @ 7:32am 
Hey, is there a reason that the combine cannon doesn't kill the chopper?
The Rabbid Fox Jun 29 @ 9:24pm 
Weirdly enough, I couldn't progress after certain points...
Silverlan  [author] Jun 14 @ 9:49pm 
Yeah, the map was original supposed to be played in multiplayer with about 3 to 4 players, so if you're going solo it might be a tad too difficult.
usafnco Jun 14 @ 7:29pm 
@~Firstaid~, get the Combine Railgun mod, adds that gun but EVEN STRONGER, ten shots before reloading, it doesnt slow you down, and it doesnt have to recharge or charge. Also, I agree, I was spawning medkits, using Smod kick at a moderate damage rating, AND using the Combine Railgun, so I agree this is REALLY HARD on your own, or without some sort of MAJORLY OP GUN, like one that just one-shots everthing/everyone, though I never found a gun like that, so either I suck at this map, or it's really hard on your own. Lol.
Sappy13 Apr 23 @ 1:57pm 
awesome map
epic gremlin117 Feb 7 @ 9:48am 
its loads to long why is that happening
~Firstaid~ Jan 8 @ 8:01pm 
I liked playing this, but there are too many npc's in the tunnels to NOT die when on your own. Seriously it's not very good, also we need to get the combine cannon to be a real swep.
Mr Larson Jan 5 @ 10:53am 
What settings? Like no weapons and stuff like that
Silverlan  [author] Jan 1 @ 12:14am 
You have to use the combine cannon on it about 5 or 6 times irrc.