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Half-Life Renaissance
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Feb 9, 2013 @ 4:29am
Apr 24, 2013 @ 8:38am
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I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.


If you're having problems like not spawning with any weapons, remove your entire garrysmod directory, it means you most likely still have some remnants of one of my old gm12 addons installed.

To fix some problems with the voices for some of the human NPCs (Scientists, Grunts, Shock Troopers, etc), you'll have to additionally download the following file and extract it into your main garrysmod directory (../steam/steamapps/yourname/garrysmod/garrymod/):

This addon includes the following SNPCs:
Half-Life 1:
● Alien Controller
● Alien Grunt
● Alien Slave
● Alien Tor
● Archer
● Babycrab
● Baby Gargantua
● Barney
● Bullsquid
● Chumtoad
● Cockroach
● Gargantua
● GMan
● Gonarch
● Headcrab
● Houndeye
● Human Grunt
● Heavy Human Grunt
● Ichthyosaur (HL1 and HL2)
● Mr. Friendly
● Nihilanth
● Panthereye
● Scientist
● Snark
● Stukabat
● Zombie

Opposing Force:
● Baby Voltigore
● Gonome
● Otis
● Penguin
● Pit Drone
● Shock Roach
● Shock Trooper
● Voltigore
● Zombie Guard
● Zombie Soldier

● Dr. Keller
● Dr. Rosenberg

● Devilsquid
● Frostsquid

As well as all weapons from Half-Life 1 and Opposing Force.
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17 hours ago
Jan 18 @ 7:54am
Anyone else get Ghostbusters when spawning a Nihilanth, or anyone for that matter?
Feb 3 @ 9:54am
< >
Mr. Glitchy 13 hours ago 
I know you're not working on this anymore, and your not gonna fix this, but when i install this add-on, my bone manipulator doesn't work on NPCs, and on ragdolls.
☁TTT☁ Jake™ 17 hours ago 
@Waffle Time Sorry if I took a long time to respond to your question, but Gene Worm had announced it will hopefully be completed and released sometime within march, or as soon as he finishes it. And @Gene Worm , appologies if I confused you when I said you would be "Re-Creating" Silverlan's work.
FoeFue 21 hours ago 
it wont work
whatsupdoc264 23 hours ago 
only 2 words describe this addon: truly awesome!
Gene Worm Feb 28 @ 9:22am 
What's all of this hullaballoo about me recreating his work?

All I did was simply fix the older version of this, HLRR.
Crimsdark Feb 27 @ 2:21pm 
thank the gene worm for recreating silver's work
BonziBUDDY Feb 22 @ 9:01am 
RIP in pepporonis. 1337-1987
Waffle time Feb 21 @ 11:49am 
@☁TTT☁ Jake™
When "Gene Worm" is done with the snpcs will it be posted on the steam work shop or will it be a manual download?
grumpycat35 Feb 18 @ 8:01pm 
anyone have reskin?
also, Alien Grunt has Black armor. any way to fix?
☁TTT☁ Jake™ Feb 18 @ 11:59am 
They are both seperate addons! They don't go in the same file!