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Half-Life Renaissance
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Feb 9, 2013 @ 4:29am
Apr 24, 2013 @ 8:38am
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I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.


If you're having problems like not spawning with any weapons, remove your entire garrysmod directory, it means you most likely still have some remnants of one of my old gm12 addons installed.

To fix some problems with the voices for some of the human NPCs (Scientists, Grunts, Shock Troopers, etc), you'll have to additionally download the following file and extract it into your main garrysmod directory (../steam/steamapps/yourname/garrysmod/garrymod/):

This addon includes the following SNPCs:
Half-Life 1:
● Alien Controller
● Alien Grunt
● Alien Slave
● Alien Tor
● Archer
● Babycrab
● Baby Gargantua
● Barney
● Bullsquid
● Chumtoad
● Cockroach
● Gargantua
● GMan
● Gonarch
● Headcrab
● Houndeye
● Human Grunt
● Heavy Human Grunt
● Ichthyosaur (HL1 and HL2)
● Mr. Friendly
● Nihilanth
● Panthereye
● Scientist
● Snark
● Stukabat
● Zombie

Opposing Force:
● Baby Voltigore
● Gonome
● Otis
● Penguin
● Pit Drone
● Shock Roach
● Shock Trooper
● Voltigore
● Zombie Guard
● Zombie Soldier

● Dr. Keller
● Dr. Rosenberg

● Devilsquid
● Frostsquid

As well as all weapons from Half-Life 1 and Opposing Force.
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Why does the m4 have 25 bullits should it have 50 not 25.
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the reason why there black is because that how`s they were in the game
Pug-Man-Pig-Gamer Dec 21 @ 9:10am 
Game crashes when i load up a map, 10/10 would load again
Civil Brotection Dec 21 @ 4:27am 
Why are some things black? like the alien grunt armor?
Christmas CarrotKnight Dec 17 @ 9:27am 
NOTE:Disable this if you want your HL Source Npcs to be the original!
Christmas CarrotKnight Dec 8 @ 8:44am 
I liked how you froze the zombie in one of the videos so it was barley moving. XD
Chryst1anFRzz Dec 7 @ 6:43am 
This mod is the shit.
AgentFuse Dec 6 @ 6:09pm 
I wish there was a addon for a REGULAR Ichthyosaur! I like them, and only 1 or 2 maps actually have them, but buggy.
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And noclip to his head and......FINISH HIM
☠Ricky the killer☠ Dec 5 @ 2:56pm 
With Rpg's and a lot of damage