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ARP_Safety - High visibility reflective belts
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Jan 5 @ 11:41pm
Jan 15 @ 5:54pm
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ARP_Safety - High visibility reflective belts

Version 1.1

Finally! The new APFU’s are here! You can finally jump in game and take a proper PT test, because nothing tests physical fitness better than pushups, sit-ups and a run. Your First Sergeant can choose between summer and winter PT’s. Hopefully he will let you know which one we are wearing. How about a battalion run? Just make sure to have your company form up at 0420 so you can get accountability before the 0630 battalion formation. Included are the new high speed Black/Yellow PT’s. Don’t worry, the dirt bags can continue to wear the “old” gray PT’s until the wear out date.

But wait, there’s more!

Ever walk into the motor pool and feel like something was missing? That’s right! Chock blocks and drip pans! Sergeant major can finally sleep in peace. Secure your vehicle with a chock block to prevent it from rolling away overnight. Class 3 leaks? Say no more fam! I know, it doesn’t matter how many times you annotate it, the mechanics will never fix those “operator level” issues. Luckily you can slap one of the new drip pans underneath your truck now. No more dry sweeping! Just make sure your vehicles are properly on line before you put these down otherwise First Sergeant might lose it.

Last but not least, the XO conducted a thorough risk assessment and notified me that the PT belts aren’t working on servers. That said I sent up a 4187 and the CO made sure to include a signature with this release. You should be able to load the mod onto servers now without any issues.

Special Thanks to JBurgess_A3, ODST General and FatherSarge for testing

Version 1.0

Have you ever found yourself in a risky situation? Have you ever wanted ultimate protection and visibility? Have you ever lost sight of your ground guide in the motor pool? Or maybe passed by an officer in PT's and got chewed out for not saluting? Have you ever almost been run over by the dumbass private driving the HMMVW for the first time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you NEED this mod! It features 2 different reflective belts in 7 different colors each. Have your unit color code who is who in the zoo. Make yourself seen and no longer put your soldiers at risk! Not only are these reflective belts a huge safety and morale improvement but they are also highly stylish.

Take your milsim unit to the next level and make it so realistic that nobody will want to play anymore... no seriously, people will be asking for dd-214 blankets in no time.

2 Reflective belt variants (across the chest and around the waist) in 7 different colors each (yellow, blue, green, red, orange, pink, and white).

Special Thanks to Grenadier, Dusty and HKUrban for testing.
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Jan 27 @ 2:50pm
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Cpt.Steven Gibbons 8 hours ago 
Remember before you into battle wear that PT belt, it will save you. I also love how you got 2 guys being smoked by the CSM while they're at east xD
kevinjmeddaugh Feb 17 @ 2:44pm 
I was waiting to play arma becaue of all the dangers, it looks like a really good game. NOW I CAN FINALLY PLAY! With this mod I survived everything this game had to throw at me. I was unstopable.
Fruit Device Feb 15 @ 7:50pm 
Virtual Counciling Statements for those who chose to show up in the wrong uniform.
WA Lancer Feb 13 @ 9:39am 
Your god damn right i wore those Grey PTs to the last day!
GraveWalker60 Feb 13 @ 5:20am 
i play this game to get away from work now its following me:steamsad:
GraveWalker60 Feb 13 @ 5:15am 
this is too much
kokoshi Feb 12 @ 11:18pm 
I can finally be invincible now! Yay! Nothing will kill me with this glorious PT belt! Screw hillbilly armor! This belt is the way to go in current year!
Stoned Kakapo Feb 9 @ 11:07pm 
People have lost wars for not wearing their glow belt. this some good trash.
rockonator Feb 8 @ 2:20pm 
were are the chock blocks and dip pans?
Pharaoh [TFB] Feb 8 @ 11:50am 
Now I can really feel like I'm back in the military. Now all we need are scenerios where you do nothing but tower duty, while drawing dicks on the walls..