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Better Training
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Feb 8, 2013 @ 1:48pm
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This is a very simple mod that still makes the game that much better.
What Better Training does is make it so that you can train 10,000* times per level instead of 5--because if you have the gold, why not? Morrowind's training system was best (unlimited training), and this mod aims to achieve that--it practically has. Since you will no doubt level up before you have the gold to train 10,000 times, it is in essence unlimited training.

I never check the Nexus version, but here it is.

For those of you with broken training, know that this mod only edits one tiny string of code and therefore the only way for it to actually cause problems is if there is another mod editing the same string of code in any way.

*I haven't checked in awhile, and do not remember if it is 10,000 or just 1,000.
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Feb 14 @ 7:59pm
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georgechristidis67 Jun 21 @ 1:31pm 
Thank you very nice
s.horwitz2015 Jun 18 @ 4:10pm 
does it work for everything
trracer13 May 19 @ 8:07pm 
I feel like a boss. Lol. Thanks so much!
Legal May 15 @ 9:16am 
Subscription doesn't work. File never downloads to computer. I had to visit the Nexus website (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31260) and download the standalone file to use it. Works great. Thanks OP
AmaDraque Mar 31 @ 9:21pm 
"the only way for it to actually cause problems is if there is another mod editing the same string of code in any way."

Hm, that would include quite a few training and skill up mods. I've had no issues so far, though, but then I haven't gone beyond the vanilla settings for training levels yet - except in terms of using Dragon Souls to purchase skills, but my char is only lvl 42 so there's a long way to go before he's beyond the basic level up settings.
Santiago Mascarado Mar 15 @ 8:26pm 
because the trainers have a limit max lvl, some stop training you at lvl 65 and others at lvl 90 sry for the english, but you can see this in skyrim wiki
ceaberg Mar 10 @ 11:41am 
Having subscribed to the Skyrim Community College, I have also subsribed to this mod. Unfortunatly, I canot be trained past 90. Can someone tell me how I can fix this problem??? Thanks.
ceaberg Mar 9 @ 9:29am 
Was using train 99 but I saw this mod in the tutorial to the Skyrim College. Decided to give it a shot. Of course I have unsubscribed to the previous one. Hope now I can train up to 100 without problem. Let see
blizzardcontact Mar 4 @ 5:59am 
@GHO5T_003 I imagine they didn't do it because getting gold is slightly too easy compared to leveling some of the skills up. It's almost like the smithing & enchanting leveling without ever leaving whiterun.
GHO5T Feb 19 @ 4:36pm 
you know?... i never really figured out why bethesda didn't put this in the game in the first place... i always found it so annoying not being able to level up faster, so thanks for this. this is really awesome!