The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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The Binding of Isaac: Revelations Chapter 1

Rev:Ch1 is a brand new mod for the Binding of Isaac. Featuring:
- a divergent Basement path to a new floor with special mechanics
- 8 new unique bosses
- Dozens of brand new enemies
- Over 20 new items
- 1 new playable character
- Plus, an optional challenging new peril.

Enter the Glacier.

A frosty welcome awaits Isaac as he braves the frozen chambers of the Glacier. Ice is prevelant, so he best watch his step lest he slide into incoming foes. Many rooms are exposed to freezing blizzards which chill him, making the simplest of movements tough. But, fear not: warmth is always within reach for those who look for it.

Terrifying new threats lurk in every cold corner of the floor. How will you handle Stalagmight, eternally trapped in ice with only his raging temper to keep him company. Or, the lonely Freezerburn, so desperate for a hug. Face old friends now lost and broken, adapted with new forms to survive the ever-chilly climate. Monsnow and Flurry Jr, to name a few.

Brave it all and face a new threat that's eerily familiar...

Dress up as Sarah, the Loved. Strong of faith, but broken and unable to hold onto her heart.


The Binding of Isaac: Revelations is a chapter-based mod. Each additional chapter will expand with a new floor with 3 chapters planned, culminating in a fully alternate path. This mod is entirely additive, designed to be bolted onto any player's run and simply accessed when prefered. We have not modified the core game in anyway beyond adding 25 more items to the pool and an extra core path boss. Glacier, and all additional planned floors, are purely optional.


We very strongly recommend disabling other mods for your first Revelations runs. Running additional mods may cause compatibility issues, however we will be addressing these in post-patch updates. Please bare with us, as this will be an ongoing development process.

Team Revelations

Ashkal - Founder, Spriter (Floor, Promo Art)
Sentinel - Founder, Coder (Mechanical Focus)
Boogs - Community Manager
Filloax - Coder (Item Focus, Videographer)
Wertandrew - Music and SFX
BlorengeRhymes - Spriter (Bosses, Enemies, Items)
Gavitro - Coder (Enemy Focus)
AnonymousKoala - Designer, Community Manager
JonTheRealJon - Spriter (Bosses, Enemies, Items)
Jerb - Lead Tester
DeadInfinity - Coder (General Badass)

Special Thanks to Testers:

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Feb 17 @ 10:00am
11 hours ago
Suggestions Thread
Feb 12 @ 12:21pm
Howdy, bit of a problem.
< >
Supreme Chickens 3 hours ago 
When the full version will be uploaded ? I would like to play your mod in 101% of it's awesomness
Ps. I love that "Mint Gum" Item ,it has cute animation
Gleb Mystery 6 hours ago 
Hello. I am a huge fan of your mod and would like to try myself in this matter. Please teach me, the greatest creators of mods on TBoI: Afterbirth +.
From one of your many fans
FirePyre 15 hours ago 
Ok now that I overcame my stupidity and managed to access the glacier (thank you @piber20) there's a few bugs I noticed. In the room that enters into the glacier attached to the shop I noticed that there were some double rocks were only 1 half spawned or was visible, so it looked like a rock that was attached to the air. I also noticed that when I held tab to pull up map and time-limit etc the name of the floor did not display, just the black curtain thingy it is supposed to display on. Finally, I just thought the glacier would be a more viable option if you were put on Caves 1 instead of Caves 2 coming out of it, as then you would be getting extra items/rewards for taking the harder path. Apart from that, amazing mod, really amazing. I absolutely cannot wait for part 2 or 3. Stellar work, guys.
@The lone warrior I think the shard of glass is supposed to function like the knife pieces in Antibirth. The next two shards may appear in the next 2 chapters.
The lone warrior Feb 18 @ 12:55pm 
The description of the glass shard made me think having three of it or something like that would cause a transformation. Could you maybe make that happen?
Owen__ Feb 18 @ 12:08pm 
Is revelations automatically on or do I have to select something
Sir Kotok Feb 18 @ 7:00am 
@DaDerp u can just.... Not go to the new floor. then u will not see new bosses and u will just get the items sometimes....
DaDerp Feb 17 @ 10:36pm 
how can I make it so it's only the items, no new floors, no new bosses, just items?
piber20 Feb 17 @ 5:14pm 
The door to the glacier is in the shop.
FirePyre Feb 17 @ 2:35pm 
How do you access the glacier? I've played the first few floors with this mod multiple times and the door to the glacier does not spawn. Considering that's the main selling point of the mod, it's a shame that I can't experience it. Really hope you fix this bug!
atom bomb Feb 17 @ 12:48pm 
I tried to use tammy's head with burning bush and instead of releasing fire in all directions or something similair it just shot average tears. I dont know if this is a bug or not but I just wanted to tell of ity in case it is