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MANOS: The Hands of Fate
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 8, 2013 @ 9:29am
Jan 7 @ 11:34am
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MANOS is now "Pay What You Want" on IndieVania for a limited time!

"One of the better new school NES style games I've played" - Stuttering Craig, ScrewAttack

"This game will be bigger than Skyrim!” - Bill Corbett, Rifftrax/MST3K

"MANOS" is an homage to the great games you remember from your childhood! Remember how every film and cartoon had it's own platform game adaptation? When every man, woman, child, animal and inanimate object were out to get your character? When the streets were filled with bats, ghosts and Frankenstein monsters? MANOS will take you back to the fantastically absurd games of the past!

Lost on their vacation, Mike and his family have wandered the desert trying to find a place to stay, only to wind up in the haunted "Valley Lodge". Maintained by "Torgo", an unusual man/satyr who "takes care of the place while The Master is away", the hotel is swimming with paranormal activity which Mike has to brave through to find his now missing family. Who is "The Master", and what does he want with Mike's family? Armed with his trusty revolver, Mike will have to wander the haunted halls, venture out into the desert, uncover a dark temple and battle the forces of darkness to find out!

- Huge levels with boss battles at the end of each!
- True classic gameplay!
- 100% authentic retro style!
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Jan 15 @ 10:33pm
Obligatory Steam Keys Post
Feb 20 @ 9:12am
Is this for sale on PC anywhere?
Saul Goode
Apr 2 @ 4:34pm
Linux version?
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iambatman12 Mar 25 @ 12:07pm 
samfzgames- You have convinced me to get this game on my other account.
Rusty Shackleford Mar 2 @ 7:35pm 
After playing AVGN Adventures, I would like to try this. AVGN Adventures is really fun. I wonder how many other AVGN fans voted on this one because of that. I only wish I saw this during voting so I could have voted yes.
Ma(R)shmallow Feb 25 @ 4:12am 
sieht witzig aus. ich liebe retro <3
samfzgames  [author] Feb 20 @ 8:40am 
iambatman12 - Yep, that's the whole point. This game is an homage to MANOS and other famously bad movies.
iambatman12 Feb 18 @ 2:48pm 
You know some people consider the movie this is based off of so bad it's funny?
greeksot Feb 11 @ 11:48am 
Hello, on Humble Bundle, there was a weekly bundle called Multimedia Fusion 2, where it had Manos as one of its games. Will we get a Steam key from there?
Badonkadonk Jan 29 @ 7:18pm 
Screaming skulls? Spooooooooooooooooky...
cloudcaptain Jan 28 @ 6:32pm 
As an MST3k fan I must buy this or turn in my geek card.
JakkelR4psc4llion Jan 28 @ 2:46pm 
ah! thanks for pointing this out! I remember watching that documentary a few months back and I totally believed it. Just goes to show that you can't believe everything you hear.
samfzgames  [author] Jan 28 @ 6:18am 
Hi guys, in response to some of the comments below, John Reynolds' suicide had very little to do with the movie. In fact, the leg braces weren't on backwards and they didn't cause him any injuries either, a lot of things were made up for a documentary "Hotel Torgo" which was almost completely fabricated. I'd recommend reading Jackey Raye Neyman's blog "Debbie's Manos" to learn more about the true facts behind the film.