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Simo's Left 4 Red
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Feb 8, 2013 @ 2:37am
Feb 12, 2013 @ 6:27pm
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Simo's Left 4 Red

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This is it fellas, this is the big one.
This is a soundpack to replace all the ingame music to be red army choir, the other one I released was only the concert and is a stand alone concert only pack now, but you have to download that one as well as this one as this one has no concert music in it.

This one now has:

- Tank music changed to "The Samovars - Red Army Choir".
- Get to the chopper/car music is changed to "The Red Army is The Strongest - Red Army Choir".
- Escape music is changed to "USSR National Anthem - Red Army Choir".
- Death music is now changed to "Slavery and Suffering - Red Army Choir".
- Witch attack music is changed to "Ah Natassia - Red Army Choir".
- Dark Carnival Shooting Gallery music is changed to "Oh Fields, My Fields - Red Army Choir", sped up 40%.
- Dark Carnival "Whack-a-mole" music is changed to "Gandzia - Red Army Choir", sped up 100% for maximum hilarity.
- Level complete music is now "Troika Galop - Red Army Choir"

Material and Model Changes.
- Jimmy Gibbs Jnr.'s Race Car is now Alexey Vasiliev's Soviet Race Car (Not really, just wiki'd a famous russian a Le Mans racer and slapped his name on).
- F18 Jets now have soviet aviation stars on them Note: Found out that YOU CANT EVEN SEE THE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥S DUE TO FOG >:|
- Parish Chopper has soviet aviation stars on it.

And that's about it guys, enjoy this pack, the other Left 4 Red (CONCERT) pack fits like a glove onto this one, replacing the concert and not conflicting with this pack at all.

The Concert, if you don't already have it: ->Click Here Mane<-

Due to me being a thick skulled idiot, I wont be making any models or weapons for l4d2 because i can't comprehend how to even make them, sorry to all those that i got your hopes up about making some nice SKS's and PPSH-41's and such. We can only hope that some other devs would make some nice russian weps for us to play around with but i doubt that it will happen very soon. :(

Updated to see if this new version will fix some of the problems people have been having, as soon as i fix this addon i'm retiring from public mod making, it's horrible, i just want to play video games :(
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Tails ☭ Oct 1 @ 7:05am 
2: Human beings aren't just naturally "one way." Saying that is refusing all of the years of scientific work that has been made in regards to human development, etc. We've changed throughout the early years of primitive communism, to slave societies, feudalism, and then capitalism.

We could also automate lots of the undesirable work.
Tails ☭ Oct 1 @ 6:52am 
1: Employment wouldn't exist. Work would, not employment.

"Humans are lazy."

I refuse this as an argument, because humans are based on their environments.

Also, people LIKE doing stuff like making art or something. You made this mod -- and you didn't have to.

There's lots of books out there that talk about humans and adaption to our environment, but I think it'd be best to just accept that it's a scientific fact that people are based around their environment and are not "naturally" anything. It's a lazy argument that has no pull whatsoever because it's context based and situational.

If communism is flawed to you because people who are, for example, physically/mentally disabled, don't have to finally worry about doing wage labour to make money to then just barely survive... I don't know what to think of you.
Simo Hayha.  [author] Sep 30 @ 10:59pm 
"If you can't do shit, then that's whatever. You can't do it -- you get what you need regardless. It's completely about liberating the individual to be able to do what they want to"

So I could potentially just be a dead shit and not work, recieving free food and housing? That seems like it would only promote unemployment. Communism is a flawed ideology because humans are lazy, we only do exactly what we have to, if you don't NEED to do it, you probably wont.
Tails ☭ Sep 30 @ 8:50pm 
Part 2:
The USSR never accomplished communism. Lenin himself said it in his books, detailing that they had established state-capitalism, which is where the state owns the means of production. He recognised that they had to develop capitalism to then establish communism. It was Stalin who claimed they had socialism/communism.

The state ran the means of production -- not the workers themselves. Socialism can be summed up in short: workers ownership over the means of production.

Thus meaning, socialism and communism had yet to be established. The same features that existed in capitalism existed. (Commodity production, private/state ownership (state basically acted like a large corporation,) wage labour, employment, etc.)
Tails ☭ Sep 30 @ 8:50pm 
Part 1:
>Orwell had a good understanding of what communism is really like.
>even tho Orwell wrote Animal Farm and 1984 to criticize Stalinism but he was was a libertarian socialist.
Orwell also wrote about anarcho-communists in Spain, in "Homage to Catalonia."
>implying money
>talking about communism

m8. communism = moneyless, stateless, and classless society.

"From each according to ability, to each according to need." - Karl Marx.
Basically, if you can't do shit, then that's whatever. You can't do it -- you get what you need regardless. It's completely about liberating the individual to be able to do what they want to.
TehSovietAnti ☭ Jul 29 @ 1:12am 
@Simo Hayha. Why do you not accept my friend request? I loved your mod giv me some love mate
Simo Hayha.  [author] Jul 29 @ 1:07am 
Russia is an amazing place too, but had committed a higher count of genocide than the Germans, I don't really think they should continue to be condemmed for their actions commited by a small handfull in the past.


Communism in itself is a flawed ideology, everyone must contribute and have fair compensation for their work, you can't have someone working really hard and getting the same pay/ration as some slack fuck, likewise with skills, unskilled labour should be paid accordingly, but to say a neurosurgeon should be paid the same rations as a potato farmer because everyone is equal is insanity.

You should all read Animal Farm by George Orwell to have a good basic understanding of what communism is REALLY like.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

If it's your first time reading this book, keep an eye out for Boxer the Draught Horse, he is the representation of the worker.
♛QUE-So Ruby Rose Jul 28 @ 11:07am 
@TehSovietAnti Well said comrade.
TehSovietAnti ☭ Jul 28 @ 3:39am 
@Simo Hayha.
Because he aint an idiot and faces the truth, I've gotta say though germany is a pretty amazing country, losing 2 world wars and being the most stable economical country in the EU, with the American fundings being an exclusion ofc. Remember mates, not a step back!
Simo Hayha.  [author] Jul 28 @ 2:18am 
@Soviet Basket
Bruh, why.