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Wyrmstooth Hotfixes and Addons
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An unofficial DLC-sized expansion that adds hours of new content to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

A New Adventure Awaits You

The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a dragon that is interrupting trade routes throughout Skyrim. But is the dragon stirring up trouble with a particular reason and is there something more sinister behind it? An immersive new quest that takes you to the large island of Wyrmstooth. Battle across new landscapes and through new dungeons in this unofficial expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The quest begins for players at level 10 and above after you have been summoned by the Greybeards. Theodyn Bienne, a courier for the East Empire Company, will track you down wherever you are in Skyrim (or elsewhere) starting from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and will deliver to you an important message. The task seems simple enough; slay a dragon that's stirring up trouble. But things are never that simple...


● A challenging new quest with an exciting dragon battle.
● Fight your way through one of the biggest dungeons in Tamriel with a group of followers.
● Mind-control a Draugr to solve a unique dungeon puzzle!
● 30+ new npc's.
● 17 new quests; 2 main quests and 15 side quests.
● A large new handcrafted landmass with its own unique map and map markers!
● Over 400 lines of new recorded voice acting.
● Make a new player home out of an abandoned imperial fort.
● Placeable bear traps sold by Ja'Shavi-Dar.
● Playable bard instruments.
● Unlocks some cut content such as the shout Fiik Lo Sah (Phantom Form).
● Learn new spells such as Conjure Draugr and many more.
● New harvestable ingredients.
Custom music tracks.


● Daniel Coffey (Lurius Liore)
● David Bodtcher (Alberthor)
● Tim Morgan (Theodyn Bienne)
● Andrew Miller (Vulthurkrah)
● Adrianna Peterson (Daenlit, Elmera, Spriggan Matriarch)
● Ben Britton (Athir, Vulom)
● Dan Marfleet (Shargam, Bolmar)
● Randy Westbrook (Dunyick)
León van der Stadt (Composer)
Jon Polenz (Level Design)


Q. What patch level is required?
A. You should be running 1.8 or higher.

Q. Do I need Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn to play Wyrmstooth?
A. No, neither of these are required to play Wyrmstooth.

Q. Do I need any other additional mods or plugins like SKSE?
A. No, nothing else is required except Skyrim.

Q. What ENB did you use to take the screenshots?
A. For the screenshots I used K ENB.

Q. I really liked this mod, what can I do to show my support?
A. Tell your friends about it, rate and favorite it on Steam so others can share in the adventure.

Q. Is the mod stable?
A. The mod has been tested extensively and is completable. There are no show-stopping bugs with the mod itself however your Skyrim configuration and any other mods you have installed may affect the stability of Wyrmstooth.

Q. Is development of Wyrmstooth complete?
A. Yes

Q. How much time did you spend working on Wyrmstooth?
A. About 1600 - 1700 hours.

Q. What can I do with the Wyrmstone and Brimestone ore?
A. Originally I had planned to add new craftable weapons and armors however I didn't realize Wyrmstooth was already at the maximum file size permissible on Steam. I'll try and include new gear in a future release however I'd like to avoid splitting Wyrmstooth into multiple esp files.

Q. Can I mod Wyrmstooth?
A. You may make mods that use Wyrmstooth.esp as a master but you may NOT modify the Wyrmstooth.esp or Wyrmstooth.bsa files themselves.


See the Wyrmstooth Readme[pastebin.com] file for troubleshooting tips and compatibility information.

Version 1.14 is the final update I can upload to Steam. For any newer versions of Wyrmstooth please check Nexusmods.

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Redbonnie 14 hours ago 
Wow, what an impressive mod! Massive, hours and hours of gameplay that run the Skyrim gambit. Packed with detail from interesting NPCs (you WANT to help them), to spooky dungeons, and plenty funny jokes and item placement along the way. You just know that any modder who makes a point to actually store stuff in random baskets really put their heart and soul into their work.

I found the island laggy in parts, partcularity the town, but I cannot say for sure if that isn't something else about my setup.
demonmaster3308 Dec 26 @ 9:49pm 
Everytime theodyn comes at me,he dosent talk at all.(PLEASE FIX)
[Y.A.] [US] Reign Dec 25 @ 5:56pm 
Holy crap. people this is not just a single new mission to kill a dragon this adds not only a whole new island to explore but it's full of quests and things. good mod.
KISS MY (_!_) Dec 25 @ 9:07am 
I hope you make more things like this. ITS AMAZING
KISS MY (_!_) Dec 25 @ 9:06am 
this expansion was so enjoyable and so awesome. i love all the dungeons i love the quests, i love the village the dragons voice acting, the story, everything. i am in love with this. honestly i think you did a superb job and thanks for making it. it was unbelivably enjoyable.

if you are reading this SUBSCRIBE ITS AMAZING
imsfan Dec 25 @ 4:43am 
Thank's for this expansion, it's put together very well and so far I've only encountered a few issues. The playable flutes and drums produce no music, the animations are ok though. An Elder Dragon somehow was able to chomp/kill me from a great distance (at least 20m).
That may just be a general Skyrim glitch? So far my favorite adventure hands down is Herman's Holdout. A very unique ruin, navigating through total darkness and dealing with the enemies within was challenging. New ores, ingredients, NPC's and storylines, this is a must have!
[RG] Zephirioth Dec 24 @ 1:27am 
i downloaded this mod and when i started the quest and went to the wormstooth island my skyrim started crashing as soon as entered the villige with a burning house......
Jonx0r  [author] Dec 23 @ 10:10pm 
Bit busy at the moment so I won't have the time to respond to each question individually for awhile. Please refer to the Wyrmstooth Readme file if you're having any issues as it covers just about everything being asked below.
Dewey Corp Dec 23 @ 7:41pm 
When Theodyn comes up to me he just stops and doesn't say anything. He just follows me around and stands there. I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it but that didn't work.
Belvcolt Dec 23 @ 2:31pm 
Honestly if you could get Bethseda to sell this as a dlc you could make a ton of cash. Better than the dlc that they sold as far as im concerned. Hell of a job!