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The definition of a Xanthippe (apart from Greek mythology) is an "Ill-tempered woman", which would seem to fit in this game given that GLaDos and Chell both seem to be holding grudges.

This chamber is relatively small compared to most of my others but I think it will be a challenge for most.

The companion cube in this map is so well hidden, if you want to find him, you have to be on the ball. Good Luck.

Please rate and if you have time, comment but please have fun.
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Andi  [author] Jan 26 @ 8:30am 
I know that you mean... I can fix that. Thanks for the heads up and I'm happy to hear that I liked it,
Requiemsoul Jan 25 @ 11:15am 
Nope, Look this capture.... This red Button.
Andi  [author] Jan 25 @ 10:00am 
Do you mean you used the sphere to escape? No that is not uninended. Using the sphere would it harder because the sphere rolls. The cube is easier to control.
Requiemsoul Jan 25 @ 4:23am 
Awesome puzzle...as usual. I´m sure that my solution is unintentioned xD. Is used the sphere in the first red button?.
Andi  [author] Jan 11 @ 10:04am 
Thank you.
dire.fcs Jan 11 @ 9:06am 
I did found your cube (tricky camouflage); Excellent chamber designs!!! Thx
Andi  [author] Jan 11 @ 8:54am 
Yeah I cut it close didn't I? I may add another second.
dire.fcs Jan 11 @ 8:47am 
not enough time to finish it, yet a really good one!!
Andi  [author] Jan 9 @ 4:16pm 
I'm GLaD that you enjoyed it.
stormsend Jan 9 @ 3:58pm 
This was a real gem. I had so much fun. I did take a lot of time to figure out some parts like the ending. I had the cube on the button but I was on the wrong side of the fizzler. Duh. I came close to finding the companion cube. After I read your comments I saw what I did wrong. I saw no glitches or exploits. Solid puzzle and well designed map. See ya round the workshop.
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