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Marriageable Dragonborn NPCs
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Feb 6, 2013 @ 10:02am
Apr 5, 2013 @ 3:09pm
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Marriageable Dragonborn NPCs

This plugin adds almost 60 NPCs to Skyrim's marriage system. Dragonborn DLC is required to use the plugin.

NOTE: I have not yet tested this plugin, but is created in exactly the same way as my other marriage plugins. Still all your possible comments are more than welcome!

Ancarion, Baldor Iron Shaper, Benkum (Water Stone sailor), Bradyn, Bralsa Drel, Bujold the Intrepid, Cindri Arano, Deor Woodcutter, Dreyla Alor, Drovas Relvi, Edla, Elder Othreloth, Elynea Mothren, Evul Seloth, Falas Selvayn, Fanari Strong-Voice, Fethis Alor, Finna, Galdrus Hlervu, Garyn Ienth, Geldis Sadri, Falx Carius, Gjalund Salt-Sage, Glover Mallory, Hrothmund, Ildari Sarothril, Kuvar, Liesl, Lygleid, Meden Maren, Merilar Rendas, Milore Ienth, Mirri Severin, Mogrul, Naris Mavani, Nikulas, Niyya, Oslaf, Ralis Sedarys, Rirns Llervu, Sirkjorg, Sogrlaf, Talvas Fathryon, Teldryn Sero, Tilisu Severin, Telenos Omoren, Ulves Romoran, Varona Nelas, Vendil Severin, Wulf Wild-Blood, Ysra.

If you are not familiar with Skyrim's marriage system, see "The Marriage Book" plugin for details. This plugin only adds unique male and female NPCs that have a non-unique voicetype.

Rev. 3: Frostmoon Crag members added: Akar, Hjordis, Majni and Rakel (forgot all about them).

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Marshy Mallow Apr 17 @ 12:20am 
or is it hard cause of her voice?
Marshy Mallow Apr 17 @ 12:15am 
How about frea in skall village
Altbert  [author] Apr 1 @ 4:45am 
Try my latest mod: Courting & Marriage.
Halit Ege Apr 1 @ 4:43am 
can you make a mod for marrying frea from dragonborn dlc? Mar 9 @ 9:44pm 
nah haven't had any other problems but i tried it again and he still doesn't have the dialogue
Altbert  [author] Mar 9 @ 7:32am 
I found that Teldryn Sero may become buggy when recruited as a follower. Did you recruit him for the Blades or gave him weapons when he was a follower? If recruited as a Blade, the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch will solve the bug. If a follower, take back the weapons that you gave him, dismiss him as follower, open the console, select him and type "recycleactor" (without the quotes), and rehire him as follower. Mar 8 @ 11:12pm 
okey dokey then, ill have another go at it it later and hopeefully it works :D btw i really like these mods whoch you have made which really improve on something that should have been in the game in the first place. I do however have a suggestion for a simple mod that i think would be pretty cool. you know the kajiit vasha? from the abandonded shack and the start of the dark brotherhood quests, i think he would be an awesome follower to have if the option became available to spare him.
Altbert  [author] Mar 8 @ 3:18am 
Male and female Bosmer and Khajiit, male Redguard and male Altmer are not marriable in vanilla Skyrim, because their voicetype doesn't contain any marriage conversation. In order to make these NPCs marriable, their voicetype has to be changed, however with the consequence that these NPCs may loose their normal behaviour. Teldryn Sero is a Dunmer and should have the dialogues, both in speech and subtitles. Mar 7 @ 4:06pm 
I have a question about teldryn sero... so i was able to marry him no problem at all, however he didnt have any of the normal marriage/husband dialogue. except during the ceremony he did say "i do. Now and for ever" but apart from that he had no other dialogue, but the subtitles still appeared when he should be saying things. also once he had moved to my house i was still able to recruit him as a follower. so is he meant to have all the dialogue or does he not have the marriage dialogue?
talynamber Mar 4 @ 10:24am 
I have not found a High Elf yet I can marry, that has the real High Elf voice. I like my spouses to follow too, so that leaves me out of the real voiced High Altmers...bah. There is a very good Nexus mod, that requires a TON of accompnaying requried mods, lots! None of hem have the High Elf Voice type, but can be followers. ?? Sexy Male High Elves" And oh yes, they sure are. I married one, in one play through. But the's not real.