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-JSO- Potions Module for Dragonborn
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Feb 6, 2013 @ 5:43am
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-JSO- Potions Module for Dragonborn

-Jimmy's Skyrim Overhaul-
Potions module

Hey guys, Jimmy here. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim, and enjoyed playing through with and without mods, there was a lot of things which I thought were never truly adressed, or not adressed in the way I would like. A lot of mods changed to much for me; so I have created a series of modules, made with compatibility in mind and to change simple things.

This Module adresses the fact that for some reason, potions in Skyrim, no matter how weak/powerful, all weigh the same, unlike previous TES games. It also adresses the fact that potions which restore attributes are now instant, making them "get out of jail free" cards when it comes to combat.
-Potion Weights-
Potion weight now varies by effect strength. The lowest weight potions are those with the weakest effects, and weights range from 0.1 to 0.6.
I find this makes potions strength more of a scaling property, meaning that there is a strategic decision between carring lots of mediocre potions or a few real good ones at lower levels, as well as keeping potion management necessary at higher levels.

-Restore Effects-
Rather than Restore Health/Magicka/Stamina potions restoring so much instantly, they now restore that value over 5 seconds. This means they are less spammable in combat and means that using them is a tactical decision. This also affects potions created by Alchemy.

NEW! -Effect Potency-

In this latest update, I have changed my other big qualm with potions in Skyrim: No matter how rare the ingredient, the potion you make is just as strong. Now, common ingredients effects are 0.5x the strength they used to be, uncommon are 1.5x strong, and rare ingredients are 2x stronger

This is an OPTIONAL module for users of my Potions module who have Dragonborn, affecting the potions, drinks and ingredients it adds. Please see my other Modules for those of you without.