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Additional Melee Slot
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Feb 5, 2013 @ 8:44pm
Mar 30, 2013 @ 9:52am
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Additional Melee Slot

(Not a question) THE MOD DOESN'T WORK!

Actually, it does. Don't be stupid; read the description. People have been saying the same thing for over two years and none of them bothered to read the BOLDED text in the description.

This addon assigns ALL melee weapons in the game an alternative slot, allowing the survivors to carry both a ranged secondary (pistols/magnum) and a melee weapon.

To switch to your melee slot:

B. PRESS 7 (Works for some users)
C. TAP 2 (Alternates between pistols and melee, works for some users)

Alternative script posted by Rokk
Rokk May 31, 2013 @ 9:31am

I made a script which enables the ''2'' button to toggle between pistols and melee. Type this in console (One line at a time!), or paste in autoexec.cfg:

bind 2 toggle
alias toggle "enable"
alias enable "alias toggle disable; slot2"
alias disable "alias toggle enable; slot7"

Added bonus: You'll be able to melee while downed.
(Ha, not really an intended bonus, just a feature that was kind of forced upon me when I set the melee slot to something else. Not much I can do about it.)

NOTE: Works best on LOCAL servers! This mod WILL NOT work unless you are:
1. HOSTING your own LOCAL server with this mod activated.
2. Playing in a local hosted game WITH the host having this mod activated.
3. Playing in a dedicated server WITH the host having this mod activated.
4. Playing in SINGLEPLAYER.


Before you come down and bash this mod and/or complain about this not working, consider the following:
a. Do you have any conflicting mods installed that will conflict with the additional melee slot? (Specifically weapon script mods that change/overhaul the stats of certain weapons.)
b. Do you have this mod installed in the first place?
[Yes, stupid note, but people actually ask me about this.]
c. Are you following the guidelines previously mentioned in the big giant NOTE notice?
I don't have time to help everyone who refuses to read basic steps. If you need assistance regarding the mod not starting up/working, please comment below and acknowledge that you've read this, and specify your problem.

Don't forget to like/favorite/comment if you enjoy this mod!

If you want a mod that only gives you incapped meleeing without the melee slot, go here:


I also have a mod that enables the use of all weapons while downed, check it out at:


Note: Angry Squirrels is my old alias. I am the original creator.
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The Boxtroting Spy Apr 22 @ 5:12pm 
so figured it out just had to restart l4d2 4 times
A Soda Nater Apr 22 @ 8:19am 
Well, atleast im the only one having the problem, should be fine with other computers then.
The Boxtroting Spy Apr 17 @ 10:50am 
im on single player and yes 5 times
Hot Biscuits  [author] Apr 17 @ 10:13am 
@A Soda I think the melee weapons should be showing on your back from the viewpoint of your teammates (not sure about this but I'm sure I've seen it happen). I don't know if it's not visible in third person.

@Holy Endangered Have you read the giant notice in bold regarding using this mod on specific servers (and giving the game a restart for good measure)?
The Boxtroting Spy Apr 17 @ 6:07am 
No mods active but this and still doesnt work :/
A Soda Nater Apr 11 @ 1:21am 
is there a way to make the melee weapon visible on your back?
Liaben Mar 2 @ 11:11pm 
great work man its awesome
Kung Lao Jan 11 @ 1:47pm 
this mod dont work when you ss_map for splitscreen
Hi Calibur Boolet Dec 31, 2015 @ 8:20am 
Dual-wielded handguns and chainsaws are two of the most epic weapons to have graced the face of the earth. But one kick-ass package of awesomeness not enough for you? Feel like you need even more epicness in your virtual life? Then this mod is for you!
The Boxtroting Spy Dec 22, 2015 @ 6:08am 
not working, i think its cuz my 20 gun addons XD