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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 5, 2013 @ 9:29pm
May 6, 2015 @ 12:13pm


Hanabi is the Japanese for Flowers of Fire, Fireworks. They hide inside big shells on the screen waiting for you to hit them and make them blow. A shell exploding shoots dangerous streamers. Avoid the streamers and try to get the energy at the center of the firework.

  • Go through all types of fireworks and see them blowing
  • Find out your strategy to pass the level and fight the hanabi boss
  • Read Confucio’s teachings on the shells like fortune cookies
  • Discover new and amazing scenarios, 40 levels for your fun


In a distant past, the universe is running out of energy... It's the opening day of this year's universal expo, and the thoughts of mankind turn to the future. Everyone is looking up at the sky where a magnificent fireworks display is about to begin.

Shells containing fireworks are thrown up into the sky! But once in mid-air the shells slow down and come to a halt. They don't explode and everything freezes. Has all the energy really run out? Is this the end of the universe?

Only the tiniest shell opens, releasing a single spark of light. What can such a tiny spark possibly do? Surely nothing but extinguish herself...

So this is the spark's plan: to ignite a spectacular chain reaction all across the universe! Surely it’s the greatest fireworks display ever seen, but will it be enough to kick-start this worn-out universe?


Using the power of simplicity, the graphics is meant to be minimal yet imaginative, with the dreamy style of a drawing made by a child. In many games, the information on the screen is cluttered and it is difficult for players to take in. Hanabi needs to catch the attention of the player immediately as they scan through the levels.


In Hanabi, you control a sphere of light, and your objective is to collect enough energy to jump to the next level.

Energy is found in shells scattered throughout the levels. By hitting the shells with your sphere, you can make them explode. During the explosion a Hanabi will be released. A Hanabi is a cascade of brilliant streamers that will form a geometric light pattern, like real fireworks.

Don’t be distracted by the beauty of these explosions! Your objective is to collect the white energy that is found inside the shell around the center of the explosion that emits the brilliant streamers in every direction.

You must try to get as much energy as possible, while touching as few streamers as possible. The energy collected will expand the blue bar at the top right of the screen. But every time you are touched by a streamer, your energy decreases.

Each time you fill an energy bar, your score increases by one unit. The number of points that you must obtain to go to the next level is indicated near the bar. For example, if at the beginning of the level 0/5 is indicated near the bar, it means you have to fill 5 bars of energy to go to the next level. When it indicates 5/5 or greater (6/5, 7/5, 8/5 ...) you will be able to go to the next level.

When you have reached your point goal, press spacebar to continue will appear at the bottom of the screen. By pressing the spacebar, you can leave the level and go on to the next.

On the other hand, if you want to continue playing the level to reach an even higher score or to see the end of the Hanabi show you’ve created, you can wait and press the space bar whenever you like. Sometimes the energy will be collected right away, but sometimes you have to stay longer inside the energy area. You will see the energy bar fill a little at a time, as you absorb it.

The Hanabi are not always ready to open and let you collect the energy they contain on the first hit. On the contrary, some of them will seem impossible to open at first! What should you do in this case? Read the next section to find out.

Invite your friends and family to help you with your Hanabi light show!


There are different types of Hanabi. Every time you open a Hanabi, it’s like opening a surprise package: you never know what’s inside!

Hanabi are composed of different parts:


Hanabi don’t always break with the first blow. Sometimes they are contained in a shell that is more resistant than normal, and your sphere is not strong enough to open a breach in all types of shells. The energy of the shell is shown at the center of the shell itself: when it arrives at zero, the shell explodes.

To break the more resistant shells, the player must be clever. Often the solution is to use the streamers of a nearby Hanabi to collide with a shell creating a chain reaction.

Some streamers of the Hanabi are so powerful that they cause a lot of damage to nearby shells, much greater than that which can be inflicted by the player’s sphere.

Some shells have special characteristics. Some are covered with spines, and it is impossible for the sphere to damage them by hitting them. Others are extremely resistant, and still others, if you hit them, get their energy back as time passes!


When a Hanabi explodes, the screen is filled with a group of brilliant streamers, similar to a fireworks explosion. Each of these streamers follows a trajectory, until it burns out.

But there are special types of streamers that you will encounter when playing Hanabi. For example, there are streamers that shoot towards you from the Hanabi with the specific intention of hitting you. With a little shrewdness, you can use these streamers to hit a shell that you haven’t been able to break, guiding them towards your target.

Other streamers are stalkers: they stay on your heels and stalk you throughout the entire background. You will have to be clever to avoid them. Still other streamers unite in a group to form a type of tentacle that tries to grab you... and so on.

Break all of the shells to find out what they have in store for you!


To control your luminous sphere, use the following commands:

Use it to move the sphere across the screen.

Press W, A, S, D, or the directional arrows, to move through the level’s background.

Combined movement
By combining the background movement using the keyboard and the movement of the sphere using the mouse, you will have very precise control of your sphere. For example, you can move closer to a Hanabi using the keyboard, while moving your sphere away from it with the mouse.

Becoming a master of combining these two types of movement is a key to success in Hanabi!

Go to the next level, once you have completed the level in progress.
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On the topic of graphics a few pages ago, something needs to be done about the ahegao tent. It's just not right. I mean, I get the point of being artsy, but...
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good game