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Conjuration Modification
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Feb 18, 2012 @ 4:06pm
Jun 18, 2013 @ 11:41am
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Conjuration Modification

Makes summons last forever, and also allows multiple summons. Each conjure (or reanimation) damages your total magicka by a set amount. You can have as many summons as you can maintain.
Your best bet is to go here:
That is the Nexus version. Use the Nexus Mod Manager to install the mod. It will greatly improve the quality of this mod. If you still have problems, let me know.

Details: This mod makes it so that conjured deadra, reanimated undead, and bound weapons never expire, so long as you have the magicka to maintain it. The spell costs magicka as well as damages your total magicka (novice:50 pts, apprentice:125 pts, Adept: 175 pts, Expert: 225 pts, Master: 275 pts **Note: If Oblivionic Master perk is had, values change to 40, 100, 140, 180, 220**). This is because, in theory, it would cost X amount of magicka to open a portal to summon or reanimate the creature, plus Y amount to maintain their existence in your realm. This means if you can conjure a novice summon for 33 pts, it will "cost" 83 total magicka points, but 33 of those will regenerate. If you have 82 pts or less remaining and you try to do this, it will dispel itself.

Since the "Necromancy" and "Atromancy" perks extended the time for conjures, I modded them as well. Atromancy now gives atronachs an 80% resistance to magicka. The necromancy perk makes undead more powerful (more health, magicka, and stamina, damage resistance, increased speed).

The Flame Thrall, Frost Thrall, and Storm Thrall have been changed from permanent summoning (since all summons are now permanent) to becoming MUCH more powerful.

The Dead Thrall has been removed. I have replaced it with a *special* spell that I plan to make a quest around. It is in the game currently, so if you would like to search for it, feel free (tip: you probably won't find it, so don't try).

Please inform me if parts of this mod does not work, or makes gameplay significantly more difficult or easy. ENJOY!

02/19/12 Update: Has been updated to add a Dispel Summons spell. This can be found on Farengar's table in Dragon's Reach, Whiterun, or bought from Phinis Gestor of the Mages College. This is useful for if you lose a summon (which has been reported to happen after some fast travels), or if you are un-able to defeat one of your own summons. During testing, I discovered that it was difficult for my mage to defeat a storm atronach because of its 80% magic resistance gained from the atromancy perk.

02/20/12 Update: Fixed issue where undead would not reanimate correctly under some occasions. Also, reanimated undead no longer turn to ash after they die. This may be changed, or at least made to where the are not able to be reanimated a second time.

03/06/12 Update: Fixed issue where "Dispel Summons" was owned by Farengar and could only be stolen. Reduced cost for novice conjuration spells so that early conjurers can actually do something. I tried fixing the Dispel Summons spell, but I have not encountered the problem in testing, so it makes it difficult fix.

Thanks for the support guys! I would have updated sooner, but I didn't realize I had as many comments/subscribers. It has become more popular since I last checked. Again, inform me of any problems and spread the word!

03/09/12 Update: Replaced the master perk "Twin Souls" with "Oblivionic Master". This perk makes all conjurations 20% cheaper to maintain!

03/17/12 Update: Fixed issue where summons were not working correctly if other mods were installed. Updated scrolls -- scroll do not act like the spells anymore; they are not permanent and do not damage your total magicka. Now non-magic users can conjure summons using scrolls!

03/18/12 Update: All conjuration spells now cost less to summon (not maintain). This should make it especially easier for new characters.

03/24/12 Update: Several minor changes were made in attept to fix some general problems. Please continue to inform me of errors while I try to fix some of these issues...

04/01/12 Update: Attempted to fix occasional issue with Dispel Summons spell.

01/04/13 Update: Added Dead Thrall back into the game. Dead Thrall can now be used on any creature. Other bugs were also fixed in this patch.

06/18/13 Update: Twin Souls perk now visable in conjuration perk tree. This is an attempt to solve an issue where some users are unable to have multiple summons. (THIS UPDATE IS NOT INCLUDED ON THE NEXUS VERSION)
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Jun 28, 2015 @ 11:36pm
please help
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Hunter, dear hunter Jun 16, 2016 @ 3:20pm 
this.. does not work. i summon me an ash guardian, and 60 seconds later, it dissapates. mod does absolute jack diddly squat.
Sensual Burrito Apr 9, 2016 @ 3:38pm 
This mod fucked up my maximum mana and there is no way to fix it unless I go back into my saved games. DONT USE THIS!!!
Bob Dec 17, 2015 @ 2:15am 
Bro, this mod sux man.
Can't summon anything.
Jarl_Chicken34 Dec 11, 2015 @ 6:17pm 
I can't summon anything at all. This mod is broke :steamsalty:
Quinnoa Nov 28, 2015 @ 8:28pm 
I know you probably don't still check this, but the nexus version doesn't appear to be working at all for me. Necromancy doesn't reduce total magicka, and they only last the normal amount instead of being permanent.
Geroro Oct 7, 2015 @ 7:48pm 
can you add in Dawnguard+dragonborn spells to this list
Kemori Jun 26, 2015 @ 3:41pm 
Update - I just used the Raise Zombie spell and indeed the magicka on this spell is invested- however I can still only summon one.
Kemori Jun 26, 2015 @ 3:39pm 
Also I forgot to add this in my first comment, but I can still only summon one Dead Thrall.
Kemori Jun 26, 2015 @ 3:38pm 
I like the concept of this mod- but it doesn't work.

I gave myself Dead Thrall, set my magicka to 750 then to 400 (as the mod changes the magicka cost from 750 to 400 to allow earlier access to the spell) then I used it on a corpse, I noticed immediately that the magicka regenerated to full. Isn't the main point of this mod that your magicka becomes invested so your magicka bar doesn't regen fully?
[VIDC]Grizzlybaird May 26, 2015 @ 3:44pm 
this mod dosent work
all they do it stand there and there still dead cuz all u can do is search them