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Feb 5, 2013 @ 2:22am
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This little mod add geese and pigs in skyrim . simple..^^

!!! this mod add new goose in skyrim , it not replace the chicken , it add goose at same place than chicken randomly ,sometime chicken , sometime goose, sometime both , the pigs work with same system , it appear randomly at same place too , you can have pigs,geese and chicken at same time and now , the geese and pigs have they own food/ingredients , so now you can go in kitchen and prepare some bacon , ham or grilled goose breast for your little skyrim family ..XD

!!! certified, when you buy chicken in heartfire house, you can obtain an geese or an pig randomly !!!

- "Jc1" for model
- "dogtown1" for convert in skyrim
-original release
-update : add pigs
-update : fix/change pigs sound
-update : add specific ingredient/food for pigs and geese
-update : add testing geese nest and eggs at riverwood
!!!! want follower or mount ? check that mod by "gg77" !!! -- english & français --

==Summon Farm Animals - Mounts and Followers 1.1 (Pigs, Geese, Chickens, Cows, Goats) ==

== steam workshop ==

== or skyrim nexus ==
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stocks2469 Jun 28 @ 8:31pm 
little known fact: pig ham is delicious
★砕石通り macadamstreet★  [author] Jun 28 @ 9:49am 
some peoples have problem with this mod . bad animation, no animation at all, flying floor geese/pigs.....i want to say, i absolutly didnt know what this problem is and where it come from. the mod is fully compatible with all actual existing mod (even skybird or others mod use geese/pig models). sometime a bug can appear, the famous "flying floor" bug, the geese/pig legs didnt move and they just flying around. i dont know where this bug come from (sound like a bethesda problem because this happen too with vanilla chicken). in 99% of time, you just need to go away and come back for fix this bug. you have more chance to have this bug if you have like 200 geese/pigs in same time in same place ( dat not this mod, and idk if some mod make spawn more chicken around). again, this mod is create with vanilla skyrim and didnt require any DLC and its compatible with all DLC, mods and updates .
stocks2469 Jun 23 @ 12:27pm 
delicious, mouth-watering pig ham
★砕石通り macadamstreet★  [author] Jun 15 @ 7:43am 
actually, its only by loot the pets ^^ , i didnt have make careful about vendor (so idk if its possible to obtain them by vendor).. i check this for see.
Mew Mew Jun 13 @ 11:59pm 
Does this add the food items to vendors? Wondering if I'll be able to buy bacon or goose breast from vendors or if it's only from looting the animals.
Eviscerator Apr 30 @ 5:32pm 
Can you make more mods like this, it adds to the realism and immersion for me
stocks2469 Apr 19 @ 8:28am 
mmmmm, pig ham
Tribble Apr 10 @ 6:25pm 
★砕石通り macadamstreet★  [author] Apr 2 @ 7:28pm 
yes, i have all the dlc and it work good . the mod have been create only with skyrim (no dlc) for maximum compatibility and it is compatible with all the dlc.
tiganas Apr 2 @ 12:40pm 
is this compatible with Dragonborn and Dawnguard? Because suddenly this mod won't load now that I have them.