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Feb 5, 2013 @ 2:22am
Mar 17, 2014 @ 10:24am
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This little mod add geese and pigs in skyrim . simple..^^

!!! this mod add new goose in skyrim , it not replace the chicken , it add goose at same place than chicken randomly ,sometime chicken , sometime goose, sometime both , the pigs work with same system , it appear randomly at same place too , you can have pigs,geese and chicken at same time and now , the geese and pigs have they own food/ingredients , so now you can go in kitchen and prepare some bacon , ham or grilled goose breast for your little skyrim family ..XD

!!! certified, when you buy chicken or cow in heartfires house, you can obtain an geese or an pig randomly !!!

- "Jc1" for model
- "dogtown1" for convert in skyrim

-original release
-update : add pigs
-update : fix/change pigs sound
-update : add specific ingredient/food for pigs and geese
-update : add testing geese nest and eggs at riverwood

!!!! want follower or mount ? check that mod by "gg77" !!! -- english & français --

==Summon Farm Animals - Mounts and Followers 1.1 (Pigs, Geese, Chickens, Cows, Goats) ==

== steam workshop ==

== or skyrim nexus ==
!!!! want more farm animals !!!!

Check this mod for have more farms animal (included the geese and pigs) on Nexus

i dont know if he put it on workshop, for now, take it from Nexus ^^

Do you have problem with others modders use your work ? (some asked this question)
-LoL you kidding ?, hell no, i m happy to see others modders do something with all the work i ( ++ Jc1 and Dogtown1 ) have put here, just keep up guys ! you make awesome mods too ^^

you can do everything you want with all my mods, reup them everywhere you want (i not take responsability of what happen if you reup it somewhere else), the ONLY little things i ask for, its just to put a link to the original mod "here" on the description. its simple ^^.
(as for know, i m member of LL, modGames, 3DM and Nexus, you can put the mod there, but dont be surprised if i post comment on it ^^ )

!!!!!!! my mods are free, always be and always was, dont pay a single ♥♥♥♥ for them, take it here for free , they stay free forever !!!!!!
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peachxhowell Aug 10 @ 4:17am 
i just love geese they are adorable
macadamstreet  [author] Jul 25 @ 2:36am 
they spawn randomly mixed with vanilla and modded animal (cow, chicken,etc..) you can see multiple goose or pigs as same as you can see none of them or mix of chickens and gooses/ chickens-pigs/ pigs-cow/ chickens-cows-pigs /pigs-chickens-goose-cows,etc....
sosbro Jul 24 @ 11:49pm 
So this is all based upon some random number, for them to spawn right? Well, I only saw a pig once, after that, I haven't seen either animals.
CountBB Jul 12 @ 3:25am 
This mod makes the world just a little cooler.
8bitGuru Apr 25 @ 10:29am 
This sounded so awesome I just had to take a gander at it.
macadamstreet  [author] Jul 21, 2014 @ 1:54am 
sorry for multiple message...valve system not allow more than 1000 letters in comments...tsssk
macadamstreet  [author] Jul 21, 2014 @ 1:54am 
it work good for me, sometime i got dat animation bug, just a "reload" like i have say and it fix it. i dont know if any other bug create a conflict with it. i think not. the only mod can create bug can be mod that add new meshes/skeleton on the cow/geese. i doubt the mod that modify the spawn make conflict with it, as long its totally random spawn based on vanilla system spawn. any other mod should work normally with "ex: if you have a mod that add an new house/castle with chicken/cow in, the mod work normally and sometime some geese/cow can appear if this mod use vanilla chickens)
macadamstreet  [author] Jul 21, 2014 @ 1:54am 
i know about the no anim bug, and i frankly cant do anything about this...its sound like a skyrim bug itself, it happen to everybody, in general it just need to go away (other place) and come back for the game reload the place and correct this animation bug. its a shitty bug , i know, i think its a bad load of the meshes/skeleton of the geese ( and pig too) and it need to "reload" for work correctly. sometime it just need to go in an house, then to return go out for fix it, sometime it look like didnt work at all.
macadamstreet  [author] Jul 21, 2014 @ 1:53am 
the pig use the cow skeleton (its very weird if it use dog anim and sound Oo) , its normal if sometime it use cow sound , we have worked hard with dogtown1 for found a way to change this but its really pain to change sound for special creatures without change the sound for all (only way can be to create specific race for geese/pig, but its totally crazy for this mod). it normally shouldnt use any sound except a little hare sound when you kill the pigs (short little "squick !" sound nice). the cow sound appear sometime with idle, idk how to fix this as long it not use the cow voice at all (probably a script bug on the vanilla game that return the fact the pig use same skeleton/spawn point than the cow)

SneakyPony Jul 20, 2014 @ 10:58pm 

Ok I will see if the food from this mod satisfies hunger.
I thought you might want to know about some bugs that I have found with this mod.
The first time I used it, the pig was not moving it's legs, tail, or feet, and was sliding around on the ground like it was skating. It was also making dog noises and barking like a dog.
I then reloaded my game, and the pig finally started moving it's legs, and tail, and started walking around the right way. However this time it was making cow noises.
Last time I played, the goose was skating just like the pig had earlier. My brother thinks that some of these bugs might be a result of the mod trying to randomize farm animals, because Bethesda didn't tell the game to randomize the farm animals, causing the computer to not math up the right sounds with the right animals. I hope this enformation helps you to improve this mod in the future. I like this mod so I plan to keep using it. Thanks.