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Gondor Armor
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Feb 4, 2013 @ 8:05pm
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Gondor Armor

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I now have a facebook page! So now you can easily get mod updates, chat to me, give me ideas, sketches, organize mod projects or anything really. You may even on occasion get access to betas so I can get feedback before releasing final mods. This is the best place to message me as Nexus and steam workshop have limited messaging capability so on here I will always have a record of conversations:)

Gondor Armor (lotr*) V1.0
Please don't forget to rate and favorite if you like :)

Currently working on adding weight slider support
- All races and genders supported. (was designed for use of human players though.)
- World/menu armor pieces for the first time in one of my mods
- New custom handmade meshes and textures.
- Body piece is comprised of multiple texture files = higher quality
- Modular design complements my fountain guard armor mod
- Light and heavy versions for different player types
You will need the Advanced smithing perk. Both the heavy and light armors can then be created at the forge under the steel category. The Heavy version has the about the same stats as Steelplate armor. The light has stats in between Steelplate and Elven.
-This is not meant to be a replica but more my own interpretation of the armor.
- I have deliberately made the female armor quite bulky as it is ARMOR!
-Thank you to enpremi for letting me use his Shield mesh and base texture. Very much appreciated
- Skyrim
- At the moment my assets are not available due to the fact I will be making new armors out of some of these assets. Translation conversions are fine, just credit me and link. If you wanted to use this mod in a quest you can however... Just make duplicate files with the same names as this mod then ask the user to download this as well and put higher in the load order. That means your default armor files will be replaced with these armor files in game. This method also allows both parties to get credit for their contributions easily due to the user having to download both mods. Message me if your not sure what I mean.
A huge thank you to users that have decided to make a donation. It is really appreciated. Thanks!
- VxVanguard321
- Tfig2110

Donations are warmly welcomed and very much appreciated :)

*This is a non-profit mod and is not intended for sales of any sort. It is in no way affliated with, or sponsored or approved, by Tolkien Enterprises, the heirs or estate of J.R.R. Tolkien Warner Brothers or any of their respective affiliates or licenses. I make no claim to armor designs that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment for myself and other Tolkien fans
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Panzerfanlol Jul 21 @ 5:37am 
I agree with the Rohan armour
Werde Spinner Jul 17 @ 1:16pm 
@ wjp788 I agree, a Rohan armor mod would be awesome. A slightly better version of leather armor, perhaps?
yukias Jul 3 @ 1:54pm 
Gonder sword?
=UPW=Matthew Delancey May 8 @ 1:23pm 
@northern renegade, I would smith a new one, or unsubcribe, delete the files, and resubcribe and reinstall the mod, maybe that will work.
chrispannell2 May 2 @ 6:26pm 
just use console commands to duplicate the armor
Northern Renegade Mar 22 @ 11:12am 
Come on, I've stopped playing Skyrim for 2 months because I didn't want to deal with it, can someone please help or give a hint. I've tried storing it in a chest and then helping the sorcerist at winterhold came back and got the shield but it was still invisible. I've unequiped it and tried, dropped it and tried, what does it take?
Pierce Mar 17 @ 8:20pm 
I'm offering a challenge to make the Guy Fox outfit from V For Vendetta to anyone how will accept it. DO NOT answer this comment I will know if you accept or not.
wjp788 Feb 22 @ 3:28am 
would love to see some guards replaced with this mod. Plus, a Rohan armour mod? That would be epic
Northern Renegade Jan 18 @ 2:16pm 
After a sorcerist at the college of winterhold did a test spell on me that turned everything green the Gondor shield is invisible. Which sucks because it is the best shield I have. I can still use it it is just invisible. Can you help me?
gooberblue432 Jan 13 @ 12:41pm 
what sword does he have