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True Bound Armors
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Feb 4, 2013 @ 11:26am
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Ever feel like the conjuration school was missing something? For example you can summon weapons, and allies for offense, but what about defense? This mod aims to fix that.

With this mod you can now summon a full set of Bound armor. There have been a couple of mods before that allowed you to equip armor via spell, but this mod is more than that. The Bound armor you conjure, will have many unique properties.

*Armor will have animated flames similar to bound weapons

*Armor will be transparent similar to bound weapons

*Armor features custom meshes, making it a unique set

*Armor's conjuration spell will feature all the normal casting effects, meaning you won't just "hotkey" equip it, it's apperance will by masked be the spells special effects.

Remember this is "bound" armor, and Is transparent, normally, if the mesh was transparent, you would see right through your character. This mod stacks the meshes on top of your existing armor/clothes. This keeps the armor "ghostly" and your character solid. Since you basically have two armor meshes on, some clipping will occur. This armor mesh was built specifically for use with the games default Mage Robes. I recommend using them, as clipping is almost non-existant. You can wear any armor/clothes, modded or standard, but some clipping may be visable.

*And best of all...the armor will not unequip your currently equiped items.

Feedback is welcome. I will be updating this mod by it. So feel free to post your suggestions reguarding balance issues in the comments.

Many changes have already been made as a direct result of user submited Feedback:

*Lower Armor rating

*Higher Spell cost and class

*Removing of Armor images from inventory

*Changes to Armor's Enchantment

*Added compatability with Mage Armor Perk

*Decreased skill leveling

*Changes to slot useage for compatability


Armor Stats:

Armor Rating 99

Enchantment Increases Magicka by 50/50% faster Magicka Regeneration

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Sabreisk Jul 10 @ 11:08am 
If you could turn down the animated flames a bit, that would be nice. As they are right now, they're almost blinding in dark places, especially if you have your weapon unsheathed. Normally I'd be able to see without a torch, but with this armor on I have to either whip one out or use candlelight or magelight. Also it seems that whenever I use this armor it unequips my backpack from wet&cold
lfostelr  [author] Jun 3 @ 10:40pm 
yes there is, it's in Skyrim, not the mod. I don't remember how to fix it though
SylverShadowWolve Jun 3 @ 12:51pm 
is there a bug that makes youre eyes glow like draugr eyes? because this is the last mod i installed and i didnt gat it before
(TMG)☭ебать☭ Apr 16 @ 3:33pm 
yeah where is it?
loringwhite18 Apr 1 @ 7:29pm 
is affected by heavy armor skill at all?
ƒαtαl_εrrΘrŽ Mar 9 @ 2:33pm 
can you tell me how you made theese i want to create someting similar to this
rflllucas Feb 28 @ 10:01pm 
One of the greatest mods that I've found! Amazing! Just write the location on the description, ok? Finding that required me some research. lol.

(Dragonreach, the room on the right side of the throne, the tome is on a table inside there)

Thank you for the great mod!
forgas115 Feb 20 @ 3:10pm 
It looks like a biotic from Mass Effect! I like it :D
Karagek Jan 28 @ 1:44pm 
"*And best of all...the armor will not unequip your currently equiped items"
Well, maybe for the updated version on nexus, it removes one item from my things, but this is something that should have been in the regular game, so thanks for making it. Now we can actually do a bound warrior like you could in oblivion!
aMYTHa Jan 16 @ 12:02pm 
I would have if I could. . however, NMM won't install. .. Whenever I download the set up, it won't open. .