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DefaultGamer's Better Werewolfs
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Feb 3, 2013 @ 10:04pm
Feb 10, 2013 @ 6:38am
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ATTENTION: This is the normal version of the mod. If you want the version with No Health Regen please go to my workshop and subscribe to it!

After looking around on the workshop I always found every werewolf mod was way too overpowered or added a bunch of other crap I didn't care about. So I made my own. Bethesda added a damage and armor scaling system in Dawnguard for Werewolfs which they needed badly but they didn't give them quite enough to make them as alluring or usefull as a Vampire Lord so this is my answer to that.

By default you get 0 armor and 5 damage at level 0-10 and every 5 levels you gain you get 5 more damage and 50 armor up to level 50 which translates into crap damage and armor at level 50 so here is the changes I made to that system:

lvl 10: + 10 unarmed damage + 100 armor
lvl 15: + 20 unarmed damage + 150 armor
lvl 20: + 30 unarmed damage + 200 armor
lvl 25: + 40 unarmed damage + 250 armor
lvl 30: + 50 unarmed damage + 300 armor
lvl 35: + 60 unarmed damage + 350 armor
lvl 40: + 70 unarmed damage + 400 armor
lvl 45: + 80 unarmed damage + 450 armor
lvl 50: + 90 unarmed damage + 500 armor

So I kept the same +50 armor every level but at level 10 and below you have 100 starting armor whereas before you had 0 so it all translates very well and the damage comes out nicely also. Keep in mind that with the Werewolf Perks in DG you will end up doing +100% more damage as a Werewolf which comes out very strong.

I also changed the perk "Animal Vigor" to also increase armor by 100 along with Health and Stamina and took away the penalty to Health Regen Bethesda put in (it reduced your Health Regen to 0 which sucked badly)

Well I hope you all enjoy and leave your comments below!!

Check out all my other mods by searching DefaulGamer on Steam Workshop or by click the "View all shared files" button!!

My mods include:

Better Perks
Better Zombies
Reduced Dragon Bone and Scales Weight
Reduced Tool Weight
Better Blessings
Better Alchemy Perks

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DefaultGamer1101  [author] Mar 19 @ 12:25pm 
Well thank you evveryone for the positive feedback : ) make sure to rate it please!
Grimtongue Mar 2 @ 8:06pm 
Beast form is an awesome power, but I stopped using it after level 30 because it was so much weaker and more frail than my fighter in human form. This mod fixes the werewolf so that it's still fun to use at higher levels.
musk Jan 11 @ 9:02am 
Thankyou, love the changes you made, I find other werewolf improvment mods just make you way to overpowered, the changes and tweaks make alot of sence, Im now actualy a threat if I choose to get all wolfy on their ass
DefaultGamer1101  [author] Nov 21, 2013 @ 10:08am 
Not sure why it would be crashing but it's probably conflict with another mod you have because I run this mod myself with no issues. Also werewolfs dont become more susceptible to Frost magic, only silver weapons, of which I havn't touched.
saharat Nov 13, 2013 @ 4:11am 
Hope it don't crash True vampire mod
dodgehopper Oct 27, 2013 @ 12:51am 
Unfortunately it seems to be crashing.
dodgehopper Oct 27, 2013 @ 12:09am 
I had another idea as well regarding forms. I always found it strange how susceptible to Frost magic a werewolf is. Considering the heavy body mass and thick fur, I'd assume they would at least be resistant if not on par with a Nord, superior to them. (They are magical after all). On the flip side, they should in turn have the Vigilants carry weapons a little better suited to dealing with Werewolves, and the Silver Hand are rather pathetic.

You look like you have really cool mods, and I'm also curious if you or anyone out there has made any Crocodilian style Shifter skins out there? It would be really cool to have an Argonian that shifts into a Were-Croc.

All that being said I'm going to try your mod out and see how I like it.
dodgehopper Oct 27, 2013 @ 12:09am 
This looks like a really cool mod, I"m going to try it out. Having played the vanilla game and beat it more than once I've been looking for cool mods to change the playthrough experience. Particularly I was looking forward to a balanced shapeshifting mod out there that made it feasible to play as a shapeshifter at the very high levels. The ragdoll effects are great, but somewhat useless when struck by multiple high level Falmer archers, or dragons for instance. Particularly when compared to weapon-based skills. Personally I would have liked if they had given a whole skill-based system to the werewolf, something like Toughness, Clawfighting, Beast Control, Beast Senses, etc instead of the way perks were handled, and having given them each their own branching trees. The same could be true of the Vampire form. At low level the Forms are really strong, and at high level they just get super weak.
DefaultGamer1101  [author] Aug 19, 2013 @ 10:08am 
@Schnorkel I'm glad you liked it : )
Schnörkel Aug 16, 2013 @ 7:31am 
Thank you for this mod, I use the Duel Combat Realism mod v6 and found out that the werewolf form was ridiculously underpowered in it.