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Pirate Ship Wars Gamemode
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Feb 3, 2013 @ 5:33pm
Feb 5, 2013 @ 2:53pm
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Pirate Ship Wars for Garry's Mod 13.

REQUIRES CONTENT: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124918666

Made by EmpV, Metroid48, and Termy58.

Github: https://github.com/CommunistPancake/PirateShipWars
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Jan 30 @ 2:19pm
May 5 @ 5:02pm
perma bann luffy
[FL:RP] The dealer
< >
xTehRydeR[IT] Jul 29 @ 10:06am 
How I can win?I don't get this
OneEngel Jul 28 @ 10:36am 
What letter comes after Q? ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!11
John Jul 27 @ 5:45am 
It needs fixes but plays great
๖ۣۜQuestion(푸틴) Jul 21 @ 9:09pm 
The player models has errors they have open arms in t shape
bodes2 Jul 21 @ 1:49pm 
can u aim in on sights?
OrangePop3377 Jun 14 @ 8:56pm 
This gamemode needs to get fixed asap!
mbx6 Jun 4 @ 2:34pm 
i was playing with my friends on a hamachi server and we was killing our own teammates because (why not) but then one of my friends got kicked and banned from the game anyone knows how can i unban him and disable the auto ban thing? (i will send you free )
Derf | May 17 @ 12:21pm 
To Install (SERVER) Download both the content and gamemode put the gamemode in your garrysmod/gamemode and put the content in its respective order. Rename the folder called "PirateShipWars-master" to "psw" so it should look like this "garrysmod/gamemodes/psw" then change your startup line to +gamemode psw
PromiscuousPyro May 11 @ 11:12pm 
Please update this gamemode, it's really fun and has lots of potential.
Turtle Heavy May 3 @ 4:27am 
@granttuck1008 To download press subscrive, if in game you will auto download it and it will automatically enable the addon