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Balanced New Spells v4.0
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Feb 2, 2013 @ 6:55pm
Jul 4, 2015 @ 10:00am
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Balanced New Spells v4.0

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This mod is focused on adding balanced spells to the world of Skyrim. Specifically, these new spells focus on filling a niche that the current spells do not address, while keeping everything balanced. So far, I have added 24 new spells. All can be purchased from their respective College of Winterhold vendor (Faralda, Phinis Gestor, etc) once you reach the necessary skill level. Two of the spells can be found in the Archmage's Quarters on a table. I have also created a lore-friendly backstory behind the new spells as explained in a letter on top of those spellbooks.

1. Added an Improved Flames/Frostbite/Sparks spell similar to the Novice-level Flames/Frostbite/Sparks that does Adept-level damage/magika requirements. This creates a short/midrange option for middle-tier destruction spells that previously lacked any channeled options.

2. Added Expert-level Deadly Fireball/Ice Storm/Chain Lightning. These take a longer time than normal to charge up (1 extra second), but they do more damage. The animation changes when it is ready to cast. This adds more diverse AOE damage options.

3. Added Master-level Intense Flame/Lightning/Frost Cloak. These last for 2 minutes rather than 1, and they also give a 15 point boost to their respective resistance (30 point boost if you dual-cast).

1. Added a Conjure Boom Atronach spell that creates an Unstable Flame Atronach that explodes on impact. This creates an AOE option for conjuration, but it is difficult to pull off due to the short amount of time the summon lasts and its very low health.

2. Added a "Conjure Dremora Warlock" spell that summons a Master-level Dremora Warlock for one minute. It is slightly weaker to a Dremora Lord in a straight-on fight, but it has range and a bunch of different spells. If you summon both a Dremora Lord and a Dremora Warlock at the same time, it is a pretty effective duo.

3. Added a "Conjure Lesser Dragon Priest" spell that summons a Master-level Lesser Dragon Priest. It is a permanent summon, like Storm Thrall, etc. Capabilities are similar to the Dremora Warlock, but it has more health.

4. Added a Conjure Spirit Mage spell that summons an Adept-level Spirit Mage for one minute. This spell adds diversity to the adept-level tier of spells. Frost Atronachs are basically melee tanks. This adds a ranged conjuration option that is about on par with a Frost Atronach.

5. Added Adept-level Summon Decoy spell. This creates a Decoy that has massive health, but it does minimal damage. This creates more options for Conjuration, as now you can summon a tank against powerful enemies.

6. Added Adept-level Summon Bound Mystic Sword/Battle Axe spell. This creates a more powerful version of the summon Bound Sword/Battle Axe spell equivalent to Adept-level damage. I felt it was unbalanced that the bound weapon spells were so weak compared to the bound bow spell, so I made additional adept-level versions with adept-level damage.

1. Added Master-level Advanced Telekinesis spell. This is a more powerful version of the telekinesis spell that allows the player to grab objects or NPCs and throw them. Does not work on Dragons and certain enemies that would cause imbalance.

2. Added a Master-level Enhance Lockpick spell. This spell uses powerful alteration magic to strengthen lockpicks. While casting, lockpicks are unbreakable. This is balanced, as it requires master alteration and is very loud, making it a bad idea to use in stealthy situations.

3. Added an Adept-level Feather spell. This spell increases carryweight and speed for 20 seconds.

4. Added an Adept-level Burden spell. This spell decreases the target's speed by 40% for 20 seconds. Target's magic resistance will reduce effectiveness proportionately. It serves as a stepping-stone to Paralysis at Expert-level.

1. Added Expert-level Beautify spell. Your character becomes more attractive to those around him/her, increasing barter, persuasion, and pickpocket abilities for 60 seconds.

2. Added Apprentice-level Clairvoyance Burst spell. It's the same as the regular Clairvoyance spell, except that it lasts for 4 seconds instead of requiring concentration. It's a little more convienent in my opinion.

1. Added Expert-level Cure spell. This cures all poisons and diseases affecting your character.

1. I added a mysterious new spell. It is balanced, and there are 2 spellbooks of this spell hidden in Blackreach. It is part of a little unmarked quest with an interesting, lore-friendly story. Have fun, and props to anyone that finds it!

I may add more balanced spells over time. If you have any suggestions for new, balanced spells, please post them in the comments! This mod should be compatible with all other mods. Special thanks to "s33k3r" for helping with the balance-testing.

NOTE: Getting one of the new master-level spells requires completing the prerequisite master-level quest in the college, just like any other master-level spell.

If you like this mod, please check out my other mod, "Balanced Katana Crafting," at here
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Oct 31, 2015 @ 9:07pm
Can`t find Telekinesis Spell
< >
ShadowMyth Jul 2, 2017 @ 4:30am 
Could u make an illusion spell that pulls rather than push? say expert? and maybe a master illusion that summons hostiles in a town that take no damage and deal no damage but are targeted by brave characters and fear civilians with a limited time ofc say 20 secs? say master? if u think its a good idea and want to that is.
mkrulz12 Jan 1, 2017 @ 4:31am 
i have been so every vendor in the college of winterhold but i can;t find it anywhere...
mkrulz12 Jan 1, 2017 @ 4:30am 
i cannot seem to find the advance telekinesis where do i find it

alessandropiredda Dec 1, 2016 @ 1:23am 
This mod is great! You took some good spells from Morrowind also. I think I need more! Please update man :)
Freyzor  [author] Aug 9, 2015 @ 1:05am 
@Zaweri What an impressive mod! First, do you have any trouble with my mod and that mod side by side? I don't expect any compatibility problems, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Second, that mod looks like it has a lot of new content. Making a supporting mod would require using that mod's assets, which I wouldn't want to do without that mod author's permission.
Zaweri Jul 31, 2015 @ 6:47am 
Freyzor, how about making a supporting mod for Water Destruction Magic, another popular balanced magic mod?
Jek J Jul 7, 2015 @ 9:45am 
also summon lesser dragon or drake spells for conjuation would be cool
Jek J Jul 7, 2015 @ 9:43am 
how about a spell to restoration that basiclally makes a cage of light around an enemy so they cant do anything but it does like 5or 10 damage per second to undead
ffxandrew Jul 5, 2015 @ 12:33pm 
how about an adept level "Night Eye" spell for Illusion School ?

Or, just a thought, maybe (for you Necromancers out there) a few combat spells that require Necromancy perks (necrotic bolt, Drain Life, finger of death [a touch attack spell with a level of effect limit]... possibly allow the use of Dramora magic with the appropriate perks in Conjuration as well ?)... this second part could even be a separate project...
Freyzor  [author] Jul 4, 2015 @ 10:11am 
New update! Added a Conjure Dremora Warlock spell that is very similar to the old Lesser Dragon Priest summon mechanics. New Lesser Dragon Priest is now a permanant summon like the Storm Thralls, etc. Feedback is welcome!