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Dec 25, 2017 @ 1:15pm
Dec 31, 2017 @ 6:31pm
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DX11 compatible HUD, incorporating many of the new HUD parameters added in recent v1109 release, including DeltaBest, tyre wear, and weather. Designed to accommodate virtual mirrors.

Easy to install . . .
Just click the subscribe button.
Next time you open rFactor 2, select options, then select the onscreen display tab . . . then browse through the options and select the preferred SHQM_HUD layout and click accept.

Thanks to Studio 397 for continuing to evolve rF2.

Why was this created?
My favorite plugins became unusable when rF2 moved to DX11.
Cosimo's DeltaBest, Martin's V-HUD, and Trackmap. With v1109, S397 added functions that were previously only available with external plug-ins. Thanks S397, looking forward to the upcoming releases to see what else will be available on the in-game HUD.

HORIZONTAL SCALING ISSUES? If you have screen that is less than 16:9 aspect ratio (e.g.; 16:10 or 4:3), you will want to enable Stretch UI, which is found in the Video Res option screen.
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azazelon 2 hours ago 
best hud for dx11
Koly™ Feb 16 @ 3:47pm 
it misses tyre wear and time session ( i don't race with laps but with time)
Pyjter Feb 15 @ 5:04am 
Can I turn off delta ? It's distracting for me
Cian Feb 10 @ 6:12pm 
sorry I hadn't pressed 5 on my keyboard I'm a noob. Thanks for the hud it's awesome
lonestar29  [author] Feb 10 @ 2:26pm 
@cian you might try to cycle/toggle through the HUD as sometimes they get turned off
4 - Toggle the HUD (Heads Up Display) statistics display
5 - Toggle the HUD tachometer display
6 - Toggle the HUD multi-purpose display

@adam taylor the low fuel warning function is built-in to rF2, and there's no parameter available to adjust it. sorry.
Adam Taylor Feb 10 @ 10:43am 
Can you make the fuel light flash when you have less than 5 laps
Cian Feb 10 @ 8:00am 
Hey do you have any idea how i could fix this problem. Whenever i try and use the hud i only get the flags at the top right. there is no delta or current/best lap time. ive tried all of the configurations and still no success. p.s this issue isnt directly relating to this hud im pretty sure its the same for another hud i tried (v-hud). would appreciate any help or possible fixes
lonestar29  [author] Feb 4 @ 1:14pm 
@alexis unfortunately, start lights are not currently an option within rF2 HUD editor... maybe in the future with S397's new customizable HUD
Alexis Clapano Feb 3 @ 4:13pm 
been using your HUD and its great...not sure if this has been requested but can you add start light?
lonestar29  [author] Jan 31 @ 7:38pm 
@nikkimo i use this HUD while competing in VEC. i agree there are some improvements that could be made. not sure why 'time remaining' function is not working during the endurance race, but that is standard function within rF2, and not anything i broke. I am waiting on S397 to reveal a bit more on their new HUD, before making any updates.