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Essential Guide to Warding
By f334r//kamelåså!
This guide covers several aspects of warding, including rune wards, general/ aggressive wards, jungle camp blocking wards and dewarding of jungle camps/ general wards.
I hope that you learn something from this guide or improve your knowledge about the warding mechanics.

Feel free to comment with improvements, and rate the guide if you like it :)
Hello, in this guide I will attempt to share some decent warding spots on the Dota 2 map that can give your team a crucial advantage.

I see people all too often either not placing wards at all, or placing them in locations which give very little vision and utility. So I have covered several aspects of successful warding in this guide; I have included general ward locations, ward spots to see runes, camp blocking wards as well as de-warding those camp wards. Although this guide doesn't cover warding comprehensively, I feel it covers the important basics and encourages you to ward adaptively to your team's needs.

I hope you learn something from this guide, because I know that I did so while practising my warding. If you do enjoy the guide please share it to others who would find it interesting. Thank you very much.
The Dota 2 Map
I will be using this map throughout my guide in order to show the different areas which the ward covers, as well as making it easier to pin point the exact location of the ward. Feel free to refer back to the map if you aren't sure about the location.

The Basics
The recent patches have changed some of the traditional ward mechanics, one of these changes allows both observer wards and sentry wards to be destroyed by attacking it with quelling blade (100 damage), another important change allows players to share wards by holding Control and left clicking on the hero they want to transfer the wards to, and finally observer wards now offer a 50 gold bounty making it more rewarding to deward!

Items that grant you True Sight (invis detection)
Common ward locations
These ward locations are commonly used in matches in order to provide lots of vision of the surrounding area in order to prevent ganks and avoid facing stronger enemy heroes.

I have only included 10 locations (5 for both dire and radiant) since I feel that these are placed frequently in matches due to the big vision that they give. However wards are situational, so you should only ward places that will be of use to your team, as well as warding a place not in this guide if you need vision in that area.

The most important point is that wards can be used both offensively and defensively, for example if you are about to take Tier 1 tower, it's good to place a ward behind the tower (though out of range of the tower vision) in order to see if any enemy heroes are coming.

Now these wards can decide the game for you at the crucial stage of the game; placing a ward in an enemy base, not only gives you vision of how many there are, but also what items they have for the teamfight.

Rune warding
Simply put, these wards give the best vision of the rune spots and their surrounding areas. However they are also common de-warding locations so sometimes it pays to place sentry wards in the locations yourself (see later section De-warding) if you suspect the enemy has a ward there.
Warding the neutral camps
Placing wards in order to block a neutral camp from spawning is not a common sight in most public games, since most games you don't have a proper hard supports doing everything to give their carry an advantage.

However this strategy can make a considerable difference to the game's outcome. The games in which you would want to ward the enemy team's jungle are generally those where they have a dedicated jungler who stays in the jungle for most of the early/mid game, or when the enemy team is pulling the easy camp on the safe lane into the creeps (and by doing so denying you both XP and gold). By denying them parts of their own jungle, the jungler is forced to move into a lane, or the team has to invest in sentry wards and attempt to de-ward your wards. Which costs them time, gold and XP.

In most games I would recommend only warding the easy camp on the safe lane so the supports can't stack and pull that camp. However if they have an item reliant jungler your team can consider placing a couple observer or sentry wards in the enemy jungle to completely shut down their jungle.

Bear in mind that each of the camp wards that I show below are my own preference, and you don't have to put them in that exact place to gain similar effects; I have tried to find ward spots that provide the most utility of vision and camp blocking. I have added a blue outline to show the spawn-box of the camp, placing a ward anywhere in that area would prevent the camp from spawning.
Warding the radiant neutral camps
Warding the dire neutral camps
I will try and go over the more useful areas to place sentry wards, which are the general areas where the opposing team should be placing the wards.

De-warding is both very situational, and very handy. Generally you don't de-ward unless you need to make sure the enemy doesn't have any vision in that area. A useful indicator that you need to de-ward, is when the enemy team backs off when you're heading towards the safe lane through the jungle, this means that they have a ward somewhere, guaranteeing them vision of ganks. It is also clear sometimes that a support has warded an area if you see them approach a spot and then retreat in the opposite direction. Another instance when you might want to de-ward is if you are about to kill Roshan, de-warding the entrance is key to not letting the other team see you (though they will suspect something is going on).

De-warding radiant neutral camps
De-warding dire neutral camps
Thank you very much for reading through this guide, if you like it then feel free to comment and rate it; and if you have any improvements, then make a comment and I'll see what I can do about it :)

Credit to Blue Ghost Games for the original spawn box plot (http://imgur.com/a/HpCjm#0)!
Shout out to Gaz and CyberDragon for helping me with this guide!
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