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Play the game with non-QWERTY keyboard layouts
By Zr40
If you use a different keyboard layout than QWERTY, Antichamber still expects the keys labeled W, A, S and D to be used. This guide shows you how to change this for your own keyboard layout.
Hello, non-QWERTY gamer!
You've probably come here because you've been frustrated by Antichamber looking for the W, A, S, D keys instead of the physical keys at their QWERTY positions. Or perhaps you want to use entirely different keys. This guide will show you how to configure Antichamber's key bindings to support your keyboard.
First, locate the game folder
The location of the game folder can be different for you, but fortunately Steam makes this easy. In Steam, right-click Antichamber and open Properties. Under Local Files, press Browse Local Files.

You should now see the game folder. Navigate to UDKGame\Config\ and open UDKInput.ini in Notepad.
On to the bindings!
Now you're looking at Antichamber's input configuration file. If it looks like the screenshot to the right, then you've got the correct file!

Now onward towards the bindings we're looking for. Search for the following text:

You've found it if you now see four lines starting like this:
There's some Control=False stuff to the right of each of these, but that's not important to show here.

Now, you need to replace these key names with the appropriate names for your keyboard. For example, if you're using AZERTY you would replace Name="W" with Name="Z" and Name="A" with Name="Q".

Here's a table showing all replacements you need to do.

Original (QWERTY)AZERTYDvorakColemakArrow keys

If you want to use non-letter keys, use this list[udn.epicgames.com] to find the name needed for that key.

That's it! Save the file and enjoy Antichamber!
Undoing your changes
If you want to undo your changes or correct a mistake, you can let Steam restore all modified Antichamber files.

In Steam, right-click Antichamber and open Properties. Under Local Files, press Verify integrity of game cache. Steam will then replace all files that have been modified with their original versions.
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Emeal4Dinner Feb 26 @ 12:37am 
Uhm hi, Can I change the middle mouse button too?
I just got the yellow gun and had to use the middle mouse, but that button is so hard and uncomfortable to use my finger hurt after 10min of play.
Raty _ Feb 19 @ 4:04pm 
Just saying : for me, the UDKInput.ini file was not working because the game was overwriting it. I had to modify DefaultInput.ini
Thanks anyway.
Translacrimosa Feb 18 @ 9:54pm 
Okay, so, how do you change jump? Because of a disabled hand I use a custom input, but this doesn' t help me.
stan Feb 18 @ 4:00pm 
Your tweak doesn’t work though, at least on the Linux version.
stan Feb 18 @ 3:54pm 
Thanks… Too bad the author hasn’t yet found the time to fix this one year after launch.
Ghostbird Feb 18 @ 2:36pm 
Thanks! It was hard to play on a Dvorak keyboard.
Knight_Bob Feb 18 @ 2:01pm 
Merci ! Très rapide et très facile !
Antogre 「レベル0」 Jan 30 @ 9:20am 
Merci !
Kersijus Jan 17 @ 12:50pm 
Many thanks for the info!
Yoda McStabalot Jan 1 @ 9:33am 
Ok then, if it's nothing I'll delete it, thx