Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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Lair of the Necromancer
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Jan 30, 2013 @ 10:18am
Feb 11, 2013 @ 8:35am

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Lair of the Necromancer

My first dungeon. Learning scripts and such. I hope it's alright. Only a little bit of combat. Second floor just started really. Will have many more enemies and puzzles soon.
I wanted it to have more narration than most dungeons have now. Who doesn't like a good story?

Leave a comment if you have an idea or concern! Thanks!

--Change Log--
Ver 0.0.1

-First Floor near completion.
-Second Floor in basic form.
-Minor puzzles.
-Stealth gameplay.

Ver 0.0.2
-Intro Added
-Harder puzzles on the way.
-Layout complete.
-Enemies to be added.
-More narrative on the way for our party.
-First Floor Complete.

Ver 0.0.3
-Second floor almost complete.
-All puzzles implimented.
-Narritive mostly complete.
-Boss encounter in testing.
-More combat.

Ver 0.0.3a
-A few bug fixes.
-Made life a little easier by moving some things around.

Ver 0.0.3b
-More bug fixes.
-Quality of life improvements.
-Third floor in planning(New devious traps and puzzles.)
-Vocals of all talking are still being worked on, stay tuned!

Ver 0.0.4
-Second floor completed!
-Third floor complete(Pending playtesting).
The third floor is the largest yet!
-Bug fixes.
-2nd floor boss fixed.

Ver 0.0.4a
-Bug fixes.

Ver 0.0.4b
-A few more bug fixes.
-Floor four will be on it's way soon.
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c.c.wolff Feb 5, 2015 @ 11:57am 

Besides: You are right, the first puzzle wasn't so difficult and solvable, if you start all again. I was already a little bit angry because I stuck in another one, again in the beginning.
But in your case, I stuck half an hour later again. So: no, no,no , no. Custom dungeons ......never again.
c.c.wolff Feb 5, 2015 @ 11:53am 
Yes, I am a little bit rude, and I have reasons for it. For years, I played dungeon bash (or thomething like that) for months and I enyoyed for months. In this time, I played .... grmpf ....play??? a row of mods, and now I am tired of itIt is always the same: Well, you as a Modder know story layout and puzzles and hasve seemingly no problem. You write, you need only one, or two or wat ever for a game ...... surprise, surprise. You know the game at last. But an average gamer needs zwo hours, only to stuck .... every time ..... in at last the second level, because a key is missing, a switch wasn`t found or an stupid puzzle needs hours more.
Why does you and other Modders not give hints or simple walkthroughs for the difficult parts?
For whom do you make your games? For few other modders? You seemingly don't care and don't want players.
Uziel117  [author] Feb 4, 2015 @ 9:50am 
Yes I realize I made a design mistake. If you leave the cell without a rock you get stuck there. Sadly I don't have access to the files anymore and can no longer fix it. I mean this was my first attempt at a mod ever so that comment is a bit rude and excessive.
Also you throw the rock across the pit onto the pressure pad. You learn that in the Grimrock campaign.
c.c.wolff Feb 3, 2015 @ 11:29pm 
Are you complete crazy? already in the first Level, in the Beginning ..... Well, you let the People escape, but create then a pit, which People can`t cross ...... Is this a joke? otherwise an Insult, and no one should Play your mods anymore.
Uziel117  [author] Feb 21, 2013 @ 12:13pm 
The button in the spider room opens the gates to let the shooting demon's fire though. Opening the door to the 2nd key to the main room.
lartin Feb 21, 2013 @ 8:00am 
on the second floor i have cleared all the rooms used one key on the main door and killed the spiders and pressed the button, but nothing has happened what do i do?
Uziel117  [author] Feb 7, 2013 @ 7:22am 
Has anyone played the 3rd floor, or have played since patch 4?
Uziel117  [author] Feb 3, 2013 @ 10:29am 
I recently patched the beginning cell to make it much easier to escape from. It should be a no brainer now. Unless it's broken and I need to fix it again! ><
Thank you for letting me know!
Jean-Jacques Falcon Feb 2, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
Well, even while examinating each wall, trying to pick up the bones eventually... Impossible to get out from the cell just at th ebeginning. And there's no vine or button on the walls.
Uziel117  [author] Feb 2, 2013 @ 10:40am 
The switch is behind the only wall with vines in the cell it's very hard to find. After I had a few play tests I realized it was a bit too tough to find. I have meant to take out some of the vines.
Thank you for reminding me and hope that helps until I patch it!