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Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages Redux
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Jan 29, 2013 @ 1:35am
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Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages Redux

In 1 collection by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Collection
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Make Skyrims Villages Beautiful!

A redux of the popular mod, Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages.


Adds many items to the villages around Skyrim!

. New NPC's, including Blacksmiths and Merchants.
. Lore friendly flora.
. New buildings and constructions, such as guard towers, new houses, and windmills (Check Pictures for details)
. Alchemist Plants
. Tundra Scrub
. Light sources (Lanterns, candles, torches - Fixed Multiple Light sources)
. Clutter (Tables, Weapons, Lore Friendly Armour etc)
. Containers
. Seating
. Subtle effects
. Animals
. Full AI packaging and Navmesh editing
. New Rock meshes and textures thanks to Ztree!

Experience new, super detailed villages, with various improvements that enhance your immersion!



Q: There's too many trees! These mods are so un-realistic! Why are you ruining my towns?!

A: The aim of these mods is to alter a towns look and feel, away from it's vanilla state. They add
more colour, more life etc. If your a person who would rather play true to lore and geography, don't
download the mods.

Q: I get a CTD with this mod enabled!?

A: All of my mods do not change any existing references in-game, it is unlikely they are the cause of a CTD.
Try placing the "TAVE??.esp" higher in your "Load Order" by using the arrows.
Also try using the Load order optimiser program - Boss -

Q: I don't see the Enhancement?

A: Check that "TAVE??.esp" is ticked in your load order, or re-subscribe.

Q: NPC's are walking into stuff?

A: Just send me a picture of where it is, to my twitter account @aplestormymods and I shall work on fixing it!

Q: Are you going to do....?

A: I hope that I'll eventually have every Town and Village Enhanced!

Q: Why is your mod giving me FPS drops?

A: Due to the number of items TAVE adds to cities, you will see a significant drop in FPS. I recommend
at least a GTX560/AMD 6870 + 4gb Ram + Quad Core CPU.


For the screenshots I'm using the Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB/Vurts Flora Overhaul with Diverse Trees and 2K textures.


Please Subscribe, rate and comment! :D All suggestions are welcome!


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Follow me on twitter to keep updated - Aplestormy Mods


Please Note - This mod is due to be updated over time, the only current village done is Rorikstead, but Karthwasten and Ivarstead are close to completion.


- If you enjoy these mods and would like to see more, please leave a small donation via PayPal at this link:
Donate []
Any small contribution is welcome. Thank you :D


Not compatible with Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages.
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Six Jun 29 @ 7:32pm 
Love your mods dude good job and TYSM!
Tiber Septim May 1 @ 1:36am 
Those trees look KICK A$$
Gpops Mar 24 @ 11:45am 
trying to figure out what one of my mods has planted so many trees i cant see the buildings or know were i am , a heads up to the builders , leave of fhe bloody trees lol
Senegalês Pixudo Mar 13 @ 3:41am 
Just simply beautiful !
The Massacrerer Jan 13 @ 7:37pm 
Beautiful! hardly recognized Whiterun when I entered! :-)
Sunishia Jan 2 @ 7:26am 
what's the differences between your villages, and this villages redux? just a different look? or is this a sort of upgrade in looks from the normal villages mod?
Shadowmere Nov 1, 2015 @ 6:05pm 
Dude holy cow, skyrim looks so much better, we need more people like you in the skyrim workshop. Thank You!!!
Red-_-Monkey Oct 5, 2015 @ 12:51am 
Dude I have like 60+ mods and your mods are the best... but they're the only ones with navmesh issues. Please fix becuase I am crashing often and it's wasted a lot of time as I prefer not to fast travel
Gaius Sep 28, 2015 @ 1:03am 
Hey, love the mods. Unfortunately this mod has 1 deleted navmesh record. I'm not entirely certain but I think it may be causing instability in my game. Game loads up fine, but whenever I try to enter a new area the game just crashes. It's the only warning/error I have in LOOT and aside from that everything runs fine. Could you fix this for me/us, your faithful mod subscribers? :D
Lordz of destruction Jul 1, 2015 @ 1:55pm 
very good mod !!